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One of the less prominent natural supplement ingredients out there, grape seed oil extract is one that probably deserves more attention. You might not be familiar with this ingredient. Many are not. But it is raising its profile as more and more compelling studies and trials illuminate its potential health benefit. Grape seed extract is a relatively common property that you can consume in various ways. It offers potential perks across a variety of wellness measures. But today, we’re honing in on the oil form and its specific advantages for skin. Is grape seed extract oil an anti-aging star?

What is Grape Seed Extract?

The grape is a very popular fruit. Easy to pluck and eat on the go, it’s a handy snack. Like most plants, it carries some health benefits, but we certainly don’t see them touted as much as some others. Many different components of grapes and their vines have usage in various medicinal and health-boosting blends. These can include the round fruits themselves as well as grape leaves and sap from the vines. But extraction from the actual seeds didn’t really start happening until the 1970s or so. This led to isolation of some specific properties and nutrients, with a greater focus on their biological impacts. Grape seed extract oil is one of the products that came about through this evolution.

How Does Grape Seed Extract Oil Work?

All types of herbal oils tend to have positive qualities with application to the skin. For its part, grape seed extract oil is a gentle substance that absorbs easily and efficiently into the skin. The oil offers soothing effects and is particularly beneficial toward reducing the appearance of wrinkles, marks and other aging signs. The oil extracted from grapes is full of helpful phyto-chemicals and skin-boosting beta-carotene. You will also receive an infusion of many powerful skin vitamins, from C to D to E. When it comes to wrinkles, the presence of healthy fatty acids may be most impactful, contributing to a plumper and softer aesthetic.

Another of the main grape seed extract oil benefits is the high content of antioxidants. The potent anti-aging substances can greatly reduce oxidative cellular stress, leading to a reduction in breakdown and deterioration rate. In particular, this oil tends to contain high levels of oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPC). Similar in makeup to resveratrol (the property that makes red wine a relatively healthy choice), these flavonoids directly combat free radicals to slow the onset of skin aging. They also help restore collagen levels, giving your skin the necessary tools to fight off external elements and maintain moisture.

In essence, grape seed extract oil delivers many of the acute effects that skin needs to stay strong and thrive. Add in the pain-free sensation and relatively high absorption capabilities, and you see why it’s popular. There are suggestions of other benefits, including improvement of cardiovascular help and possibly some long-term brain support. In addition the topical oil form, you can also find grape seed extract in tablet and capsule form. This ingredient is readily available in many supplement shops as well as online.

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