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What Is Elastin?

Basically, this elastic protein makes up your skin’s connective tissues. And, it is responsible for keeping your skin tight, and allowing it to bounce back when you pull or rub it. Basically, this protein helps keep your skin looking the way it’s supposed to. It gives your skin some give, so if you hit it on something it snaps back in place in just milliseconds.

It also helps protect the skin from becoming damaged. Because, a million different things come at our skin every day. And, if it didn’t have some give, it would tear or break a lot easier. Basically, this protein helps keep your skin healthy and in shape. But, as we age, we start losing the amount of Elastin we had as children. So, you start seeing your skin droop and wrinkles form because of this. And, that’s why kid’s faces are so bouncy and firm. Because, they have more Elastin than mature skin. Unfortunately breaks down over time and stops replacing itself as quickly.

What Does Elastin Do For Your Skin?

As mentioned, Elastin helps keep your skin supple, firm, and lifted. When people think of aging skin, they often think of decreased collagen amounts. And, although decreased collagen makes up the majority of wrinkles, Elastin plays a large roll in your skin’s appearance, too. So, when you see that telltale sign of drooping skin, that’s actually a lack of Elastin causing it. In other words, most of the visible symptoms of aging come from a breakdown of Elastin. But, thankfully, many new anti-aging products are coming out with ingredients that can help increase its presence in the skin.

What Is Elastin Comprised Of?

Basically, the Elastin in your skin is made up of little proteins. But, these proteins are unlike others in the body, because they act sort of like a coil. And, most proteins are made up of carbohydrates. But, this protein isn’t, which is why it can bounce back so easily. Basically, these proteins are loosely connected coiled structures that can stretch and bend and still return to their original shape. Without it, your skin would always be droopy, and it would never snap back when you rub it.

Can You Repair Broken Down Elastin?

Right now, the only way to repair Elastin that is no longer doing its job is to use topical treatments. There are some ingredients in skin care products that can actually recoil these proteins. In other words, things like UV rays, pollution, stress, and general aging can all stretch out the protein and make them flat instead of coiled. So, your skin starts to sag and lose its shape. But, there are certain products on the market that can actually help boost the health and shape of these proteins.

In other words, when you use these creams, you can actually rebuild elastin in the skin. And, that means you’ll see smoother and tighter skin, because the ingredients actually recoil the Elastin proteins. So, when you see someone your age with younger looking skin, that usually means they have a healthier matrix than you. But, not to fear, because you just need to find a product that restores the proper levels of the particle to your skin. Every part of your skin needs to be taken care of as you age, and Elastin is no exception. Thankfully, now there are thousands of topical treatments to help restore it.

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