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Skin companies all over the world are jumping on the collagen train and putting it in their creams, serums, and other products. And, for good reason. New research shows that applying collagen to the skin has a number of benefits. Obviously, it helps first and foremost with wrinkle reduction. But, it can also help heal damage from free radicals, as it plays a key part in tissue healing. Finally, this amazing protein can even help stimulate your skin to start making its own collagen! Read on to learn more about the effects of topical collagen use.

What Are The Effects Of Topical Collagen Use?

Reduces Wrinkles And Lines

One of the main uses of topically applied collagen is helping to relieve the look of wrinkles. As skin ages, it loses collagen from different environmental factors. For example, free radicals, rubbing your skin, and even sleeping on the same side of your face every night can all break down collagen. And, after the age of 40, our skin stops producing collagen at the rate that it used it. So, wrinkles start to form, since collagen’s main job is keeping your skin firm and tight. This protein holds your skin in place, so it bounces back when you pull on it.
But, as we age, we lose a lot of that bounce. And, the only way to actually fill in wrinkles is by applying new collagen to the skin. Basically, putting collagen on the skin gives it direct access to the gaps wrinkles leave in your skin. So, the collagen can sink into the deepest layers of skin and fix any places where collagen has broken down. And, since topically applied collagen is so humectant, it can actually help dry skin hold onto moisture for a lot longer. And, that can help keep your skin looking younger, too.

Heals Damaged Tissue

One of the amazing things about collagen is that it can actually help heal damaged skin. Even if you don’t remember damaging your skin, everyone’s skin has taken a beating over time. For example, just rubbing your skin or walking around in a polluted city is enough to cause damage to your skin’s layers. But, collagen is a naturally occurring protein that has the ability to regenerate damaged cells. In other words, when you apply this product, you can erase the damage your skin has incurred over the years. And, that means skin will look healthier and happier.

Restarts Skin’s Collagen Production

As mentioned above, after the age of 40, our skin cells stop making so much collagen. When we’re younger, we actually have more collagen in our skin. So, it bounces back when we rub it, and you don’t see wrinkles. This collagen also helps make the skin thicker. So, it can keep in more moisture, and it can keep out more damaging factors. But, after 40, our skin starts losing more collagen and thinning out. But, recent studies prove that applying collagen topically can encourage skin to make collagen again.
Because, when you apply collagen to the skin, it helps rebuild your skin’s structure. If you want beautiful, flawless skin, it should have a good amount of collagen in it. Basically, putting more collagen in the skin tells your skin it’s time to turn back on its natural collagen producing cells. So, they turn on again and start pumping out new collagen cells. In other words, when you topically apply collagen, you’re actually prompting your skin to start healing itself. So, it starts restoring itself to its natural, thicker, more collagen-filled state, and you get smoother skin fast.

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