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These days, charcoal is just about everywhere (except on your grill).  Because, in recent years, people have started saying that charcoal is the next big thing in skin care and more.  In fact, if you don’t live under a rock, you might have noticed that there are loads of new commercials out for products that contain charcoal and get your teeth whiter!  Well, maybe you’ve noticed that sometimes these products can be on the expensive side – or perhaps you want to jump into this trend, but don’t want to cough up the dough to do so.  In any case, we’ve got a new DIY Charcoal Face Scrub recipe for you all to try today.  So, hit the kitchen, and then sit back and relax!

DIY Charcoal Face Scrub Benefits

We touched a little bit on the benefits of doing DIY skin care in our aptly-named article, Easy DIY Skin Care Products.  However, we’ll also cover some of the reasons why you might decide that homemade skin care, particularly this DIY Charcoal Face Scrub, could be for you.  Firstly, getting great results with products that you buy from the store is possible.  And, we’re not going to knock anything that your dermatologist specifically recommended.  So, don’t say that we told you to quit using whatever you’re using now.  However, you MIGHT find that doing DIY products can be beneficial both financially and results-wise.  After all, what gives you more control over the products you’re using than making them yourself?

Another great reason to try out a DIY charcoal face scrub is that it allows you to control how much money that you’re spending on these products.  Because, any company can jump on a hot new trend like charcoal and charge way more than the cost it takes to make the product.  So, you end up padding their pockets.  And, you also could get a product that ends up being less of what you want than if you made it yourself.  So, there are certainly plenty of reasons to try out a DIY charcoal face scrub.  Or, DIY skin care products in general.  We think this recipe could be a great place to start!

DIY Charcoal Face Scrub Ideas

Before we get into our specific recipe, we just wanted to talk about some of the things you can do with a DIY charcoal face scrub.  Firstly, a scrub that you made yourself is a great gift idea.  So, if you know someone with a birthday or a special event coming up, this is your chance to give them a gift that is super unique and fun.  Plus, if you know what they like, you can customize the product to suit their needs!  But, that’s not the only idea we’ve heard.

Have you thought about doing a special event where you invite friends over and make DIY charcoal face scrub products and other DIY skin care products?  These DIY parties are getting a lot more popular and it’s a great way to bond with other people in your life who enjoy doing crafts and making things at home.  If you want to see some other ideas for products you could make, be sure to click on that link above to our 3 Easy DIY Skin Care Products recipes.  You’ll absolutely love the opportunity to try out a bath bomb that you made yourself.  Or, keep it simple and stick to our DIY charcoal face scrub.  The sky is the limit when you’re making the products yourself!

DIY Charcoal Face Scrub Ingredients

There are some items that you’re definitely going to need if you decide to try out this recipe.  But, before we rattle off our list, we’ll just say that it’s a great idea to try to buy some of these products in bulk.  Especially, if you think you’re going to be making a lot of the end product.  So, if you do decide to host one of those DIY charcoal face scrub parties, get your stuff in large quantities.  That way, it will be a little cheaper for you in the end.  All right, let’s get to our list of DIY charcoal face scrub ingredients.

  • White Sugar.  We’ve seen recipes that call for raw sugar, white sugar, brown sugar…it’s really up to you.  Actually, you might have your own preferences for the texture that you want on your skin.  We would just recommend that you DON’T use powdered sugar.  Because, powdered sugar (or confectioner’s sugar) will make more of a paste in when added to liquid, instead of a scrub.  It’s just too fine for giving you that nice scrub that you want.
  • Avocado Oil. Really, avocado oil is only one of a large number of face oils that you can try out.  And, for this recipe, you might decide that avocado oil is the best.  However, avocado oil is generally considered better for dry skin.  So, if you have oily skin or some other skin problem, you might choose jojoba or some other kind of oil.  It may work better if it’s in liquid form at room temperature, though.
  • Activated Charcoal Tablets. For a good DIY charcoal face scrub, you’re not going to want to use charcoal out of the grill or fireplace.  Actually, it specifically should be activated charcoal that you use.  And, the good news is that you can buy these tablets.  Most likely, you’ll see them in health food stores or online.  They’ll give you the charcoal benefits that you’re looking for in your DIY charcoal face scrub.

DIY Charcoal Face Scrub Instructions

All right, now that you’ve gathered everything you need for our DIY charcoal face scrub, let’s talk about how to make it.

  1. Get your ingredients together in a clean, open workspace where you can make a mess if you need to. There’s nothing worse than spilling a substance on your nice dining room table that you don’t want to clean off later!
  2. Start with a small-sized food-grade bowl, then pour in ¼ cup of white sugar. This is the basic DIY charcoal face scrub recipe, so if you want to substitute your sugar, go ahead.  Or, you can start with more sugar if you’re making a big batch.  Just change the other ingredient amounts accordingly.
  3. Add in 2 tablespoons of avocado oil (or whatever oil you’re using). The liquid form of avocado oil makes it helpful for this DIY charcoal face scrub recipe.
  4. Pop in 3 activated charcoal capsules. You might have to break them up a little bit.
  5. Mix the whole thing together and apply. This is actually just enough for one application.  So, if you’re going for a big batch of DIY charcoal face scrub, make sure you make enough!  Let us know how your experiment with this recipe went, and whether you kept to the recipe or tried something new!  Thanks for reading New Review HQ!
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