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Use Your Diet For Beautiful Skin!

The issues on your skin are an outward manifestation of what’s happening inside your body. And by now, most of us know that the food you consume and your health are closely linked. Sure, you know that to be slim and healthy you must eat nutritionally balanced foods. But, did you know that your skin is also affected by what you eat? Maybe you’ve heard that chocolate and fried foods cause acne. But there are other types of skin reactions from the food you eat as well. Basically, we are what we eat. So, as Hippocrates once said: “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

Sugary Sweets And Your Skin

Some sweets produce oilier skin, resulting in pimples and acne, while others destroy collagen and elasticity. Research shows that refined sugars create a wave of inflammation throughout the body. So, this means that delicious cakes, cookies, candy, and soft drinks inflame your body and cause a breakdown of elastin and collagen. These proteins are responsible for providing your skin structure. And without enough production, wrinkles and sagginess start to form, as well as a washed out overall appearance of the skin.

Now, we’re not saying that you should totally cut out the sugary sweet foods, but you should definitely add healthier foods to your diet. So, which foods make your skin look nicer and function better? Any foods that reduce inflammation are great choices. Avocados, raspberries, cashews, and really anything with a lot of zinc. And if you just can’t get over that sweet tooth, we recommend opting for dark chocolate. Not only does it contain zinc, but it’s also packed full of antioxidants. Of course, fruit is always a better choice than anything with refined sugar. But, even fruit can contain a lot of sugar. So, make sure to satisfy that sweet tooth in moderation.

Simple Ways To Improve The Look Of Your Skin:

• Drink Way More Water!
• Consume Leafy Greens
• Exercise Daily
• Moisturize And Hydrate Your Skin
• Take Care Of Your Skin!

Dairy And Meat Skin Affects

Dairy is known to produce androgen in the body and this leads to excess oil production. Too much oil clogs the pores, causing pimples and blackheads. Another side effect of animal products are skin aging signs. In fact, when you eat too much dairy and meat, dark circles, puffy eyes, and dull skin start to form. This makes you look tired, worn out, and old. Just like with sugar, moderation is key. Some healthier choices are lean proteins (chicken, fish) and probiotic-rich dairy (kefir, yogurt, whole fat milk). And in our modern age, we also have access to healthy dairy and meat alternatives (almond milk, soy).

What Should You Cut From Your Diet?

Alcohol – Even in moderation, alcohol wreaks havoc on the skin. Just like refined sugars, it produces inflammation in the body. Which then leads to a breakdown of the vital proteins that keep your skin looking firm and lifted. We recommend cutting out alcohol from your diet as much as you can. But if you must drink, opt for the antioxidant rich red wine.

Caffeine – Now, caffeine can be used safely in moderation. But, it all depends on where you get your caffeine. The healthiest option is tea. Not only does green tea have loads of antioxidants, but it also gives a much cleaner energy boost than coffee. Coffee is just fine in moderation, too, however too much can cause dehydrated and dull skin. The worst option is soft or energy drinks, and we recommend cutting those from your diet completely.

The Last Word On Diet And Your Skin

If you’re still a little confused over what you should and shouldn’t eat to retain youthful skin. don’t worry. Just do your best to include vitamin C-rich foods into your diet. Basically, all yellow, orange and even green fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C. This powerful vitamin is an antioxidant that keeps your skin looking youthful and radiant. In fact, studies have shown that there’s an association between vitamin C and fewer wrinkles. Also cut out fast food and alcohol, and make sure to moderate sweets, and make healthier choices with dairy and meat. Last, but not least, drink lots of water every day. Your skin will thank you!

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