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Ever since I was a teenager, I tried a million different skin care products. Most of them came from expensive stores because I thought those would be the ones that would help me out the most. I was wrong. One day, I just gave up trying all these different products and went the bare bones routine. I tried doing a daily natural face care routine and my skin actually started to clear up. So, if you’re struggling with acne and feel like nothing will help you, I’d recommend trying a daily natural face care routine. It’s cheap, it’s easy, and it’s less likely to irritate your skin.

When I started my skin care journey, my skin was covered with acne. I tried fancy masks and cleansers that smelled like fruit, but that’s honestly what made my skin worse. The fragrances and chemicals irritated my skin and caused even worse breakouts. My daily natural face care routine is super easy, affordable, and safe for sensitive skin.  And, if you’re trying to achieve better skin without breaking the bank, this might be helpful for you, too.

Daily Natural Face Care Routine: Cleansing

One of the ways in which to keep your skin from breaking out is to make sure you’re cleaning it regularly.  However, you don’t want to use really harsh products to get your skin free of oil and dirt.  Instead, you’ll want to opt for something natural, like castile soap.  Castile soap contains only vegetable oils, like olive and coconut.  You can make your own, and that may be a smart option since castile soap can be on the expensive side.  But, the good news is, once you buy a large bottle (around $16) it’ll last you a VERY long time.  I bought my bottle two years ago and still have some left.  Castile soap can be a great daily natural face care routine staple.

Daily Natural Face Care Routine: Exfoliating

Call me crazy, but exfoliating with oatmeal may just be the best thing you ever do.  Because, oatmeal is super cheap, and you can use just a little of it.  All you need to do is get a cheesecloth, some shea butter, and a good handful of oatmeal.  Then you just soak it in hot water for a few seconds, and gently rub it on your face and over your body (it works great in the shower).

Daily Natural Face Care Routine: Toning

You don’t need to know a lot here: witch hazel does the trick perfectly.  And, you can buy it at your local pharmacy or even at a supermarket.  Just apply a little to a cotton pad and go to town.  It smells nice, it feels nice, and you’ll love the feeling of your skin afterward.

Daily Natural Face Care Routine: Moisturizing

If you want to stay on the inexpensive side of things, you can simply crack open a jar of coconut oil to get your moisture on.  It’s solid at room temperature usually, so you can just keep some in a glass jar and rub your fingers on it to melt enough for your face.  Otherwise, you can spring for a slightly more expensive oil, like jojoba.  But, keeping it simple is definitely the way to go with moisturizers.  And, a basic oil is a great way to finish off a daily natural face care routine that will keep you looking great for pennies on the dollar.

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