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Clay masks are one of the most popular skincare products on the market. Sometimes, they can just be fun to use. We’ve all seen those movie sleepover scenes where the characters all have those bright green masks on their faces, while painting nails and listening to music. However, how well do these products actually work, if at all?

Do Clay Masks Work?

These masks, or variations of them, have been used for centuries. Women used them even in ancient times to treat skin problems. Particularly, when skin is too oily or acne-prone. The clay acts as a powerful and natural drying agent. Therefore, it can remove some of the harmful toxins and dirt your skin can accumulate. Since these masks often use natural ingredients or are made at home, they can make an effective and chemical-free solution to common skin problems

Ingredients Of Clay Masks

It’s important to remember that not all masks are made equally. Just because something is made with clay, or simply resembles clay, does not necessarily mean it is good for your skin. In addition, using a clay mask once will not solve all your skin problems. It’s important to find a routine that’s right for you. Therefore, you cannot just pick out any random clay mask in your beauty aisle and expect it to heal all your acne.

There are different types of clay that deliver different benefits. Be sure to check the list of ingredients depending on what your skincare goals are. Bentonite clay or Fuller’s clay is highly absorbent and is a treatment best for oily-or-acne-prone skin. This clay is especially effective at drawing out those harmful toxins that accumulate on the surface. A similar type of clay, French green clay, is also a powerful and absorbent ingredient. It can strip your skin of sebum, which is the natural oil your skin produces. On the other hand, red clay contains iron oxide. This ingredient can stimulate cell creation and is best for healing your dermal structure. You may have to try different clay masks to find one that works best!

How To Use Clay Masks

It may seem pretty simple. Again, we’ve seen these things over and over again in typical teenage-coming-of-age flicks. Plus, it’s fun to try and get your friends to move their face when they’re dry. However, it’s important to remember that you can leave a clay mask on for too long. You want these masks to strip away oil and toxins. However, you don’t want to completely rid your skin of moisture. You may want to think twice before letting them dry out completely.

How Do Clay Masks Work?

Clay masks treat your skin in three stages. The first is referred to as the damp phase, in reference to how it feels when you first apply. During this stage, your skin takes in the minerals from the clay mask. The damp phase is when the ingredients in the mask are really introduced to the surface of your skin. Then, the dry stage begins. During this stage, the mask can stimulate blood flow when it cools on your face. The next stage is when your skin begins to dry, which is when you should wash off the mask. Otherwise, your skin can become irritated and dehydrated. Therefore, you shouldn’t wait for your mask to start flaking off. In fact, once you start seeing dry spots, they often appear lighter in color, you should begin to rinse your face. Then, you can be on your way to healthier skin!

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