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What does it really take to get flawless skin?  Well, of course, when we’re younger, we don’t have to worry about wrinkles and lines.  Unfortunately, that’s when you have a lot of pimples and flaws.  And, to top it off, just as your skin is clearing up, you suddenly have to worry about aging.  It can seem like a war that doesn’t end.  But, there are anti-aging products out there that claim they can help.  One of the newest is Clair Skin.  Does this serum really help your skin look amazing?  We investigated to find out.

The first step to seeing if this product is any good is heading over to the Clair Skin manufacturer’s site.  When looking at a skin cream or serum, it’s important to check out the main ingredients.  Plus, if you want to know that this product is a good thing to try out, you want to make sure it either has a trial or won’t completely break the bank.  Now, this serum promises that it is the simple and safe answer to get beautiful and radiant skin.  It then says that it can reduce wrinkles by at least half.  So, does Clair Skin work?  Keep reading to see what we thought.  Or, check out our favorite product by clicking the button below this paragraph.


Clair Skin Benefits

Let’s talk about what this skin serum can reasonably do.  When we checked out the Clair Skin manufacturer’s site, we were struck by how it seems to be pretty humble about its effects.  That’s refreshing when it comes to skin care sites, which often throw out numbers and figures that have to be nearly impossible to meet (reducing wrinkles by 90 percent?  You must have found the Fountain of Youth).  On the other hand, reducing wrinkles by 50 percent is much more reasonable.  Let’s dive into what this Clair Skin serum promises and whether it’s feasible based on what we know.

  • Reduce Wrinkles By 50 Percent. When it comes to wrinkles, fifty percent may not sound like much.  You’d probably prefer that they were gone for good.  But, the fact is that aging happens, and no cream or lotion is going to stop that process entirely.  Imagine yourself with fifty percent fewer wrinkles – you’d probably look several years younger.  Possibly even a decade.  So, fifty percent is a great, and probable, figure from Clair Skin.
  • Reduce Fine Lines By 80 Percent. All right, here’s a bigger estimate.  But, fine lines are some of those nearly microscopic lines that you may see if you get really up close and personal with your reflection.  In reality, a lot of these lines can go away just with a great moisturizer.  So, this is, again, a possible figure from Clair Skin.
  • Decrease Dark Circles. If this serum works to promote fewer wrinkles, the chances are that it can also take care of discoloration.  This is because collagen, the protein that is responsible for keeping skin firm and strong, can also promote uniform coloration.  The only thing we’re not sure about is the ingredient that is going to help promote collagen production.  Usually it’s peptides or hyaluronic acid, but we couldn’t find an ingredients list.

Do We Recommend Clair Skin?

It’s hard to say if we could put our money behind Clair Skin serum.  Without an ingredients list, it’s hard to understand whether or not this product has the materials it needs to make good on its claims.  However, we went out to see if we could find other testimonials that could sway us one way or the other.  On the whole, a lot of the other testimonials out there said that it was also hard to find ingredient information anywhere.  But, a few people said that they did have good results from using the product.  Whether you’d like to invest in the shipping cost for the free trial is up to you!

Clair Skin Free Trial

Yes, this product does come with a free trial.  Just be sure to read the terms and conditions so that you know exactly how the ordering process works.  Otherwise, if you’d like to check out a free trial of our favorite product, simply click the side widgets or the button above.  Thanks for reading, and happy skincare hunting!

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