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Ladies, you know how much pressure there is to look good.  You have to look slim; you have to look young and beautiful.  It can have you running for plastic surgery!  But, for most of us, plastic surgery, and even Botox, is out of the question.  Either you’re squeamish about the process (we’re not ashamed!) or you just don’t have the paycheck to shell out thousands of dollars.  In any case, most of us have to go with anti-aging creams and serums.  And, that’s why we write these reviews.  Today’s product is Calypso Anti Aging Cream.  How do we feel about it?

We, of course, went straight to the Calypso Anti Aging Cream manufacturer’s website to get our information from the source.  When we check out these sites, we’re always looking for a few different things.  One of those is the key ingredients – or method by which this product achieves its goal.  Because, in reality, a product is only as good as its active ingredients.  Plus, we like to make sure that the products we check out aren’t too pricey.  After all, the best products are great while still being affordable.  So, how does Calypso Anti Aging Cream stand up to our investigation?  Spoiler alert: we are fans.


The Science of Calypso Anti Aging Cream

Let’s dish on how your skin works.  When you’re young, your skin is ultra-resilient.  And, that’s good, considering that your skin is what guards you from everything bad out there.  Plus, your skin is great at healing itself.  This is because young skin is strong, and has an abundance of the nutrients and components it needs to be healthy.  One of these components is collagen.  And, collagen is basically the thing that keeps the connective tissues of your skin strong.

Unfortunately, as you get older, collagen production slows slightly and collagen molecules begin to break down.  So, the connective tissues in your skin begin to weaken.  And, that leads to inevitable wrinkles and more, because skin just can’t snap back the way it could before.  So, when we’re looking at skin creams, we’re looking for ingredients that are proven to improve collagen production and strengthen skin.  That’s why we were psyched to see that Calypso Anti Aging Cream contains peptides.  Peptides are some of the best ingredients for boosting and supporting collagen.  And, while other ingredients also boost collagen, none of the other ones do it in such a gentle way.  So, another great thing about Calypso Anti Aging Cream is that it’s appropriate for daily use.

Calypso Anti Aging Cream Testimonials

When we swept the Internet for what people were saying about this product, we were happy to see that there weren’t many negative reviews at all.  And, that’s great for products that are trying to get their foot in the door.  Unfortunately, sometimes people put negative review titles as clickbait, and it turns people off to using the product.  But, Calypso Anti Aging Cream had pretty great reviews.  You can easily find some of them if you do a simple search.

Calypso Anti Aging Cream Free Trial

This product, like a lot of the ones we review, has a free trial offer.  And, that can be awesome, if you know how to navigate them properly.  Basically, free trials allow you to get the product sent to you for just the cost of shipping upfront.  But, you have to be careful to know the terms and conditions of the product.  Because, if you don’t cancel your trial within the allotted period, you could get charged the full price, and even get signed up for a subscription service.  Luckily, if you know how to navigate free trials well, you could end up getting a great price for your first jar of Calypso Anti Aging Cream.  Check out the manufacturer’s site for more details.  Otherwise, you can always check out our favorite anti-aging cream, by clicking the button above.  Thanks for reading, and happy skincare hunting!

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