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When the days get longer, your skin becomes even more exposed to sun damage. Although summer comes with many different benefits like beach bumming, more time in the outdoors, and beautiful weather, it can come with consequences. There are lots of sunscreens that contain harmful ingredients for your skin. This can seem counterintuitive. Why would harmful chemicals be put into a product that aims to protect your skin? Nonetheless, there are some ingredients that you should avoid. When the weather gets nice, and the sunshine beats on your skin daily, it’s important to give your skin the best defense possible.

The Best Moisturizing Sunscreens

The classic image of sunscreen lands on the nose of lifeguards in movies. However, sun screens can come in many forms. In addition, they can (and often should) be used on a daily basis? Now, we’re not expecting you to pack on a thick layer of the stuff every day. However, you can find moisturizers with serious levels of SPF protection. These products are great for everyday protection against sun damage. Not only will this defense help prevent skin cancer, but protecting against UVA and UVB rays can also prevent signs of aging. Next time you’re in the beauty aisle, take a look at some of these moisturizing sun screens.

Moisturizing Sun Screen: Murad Essential-C Day Moisturizer

This product is not necessarily centered around the photoaging aspects of sun damage. This makes it the perfect product for someone who may not have many wrinkles yet, but still wants to take care of their skin. This daily moisturizer is made with SPF 20 and includes a vitamin C packed formula. Vitamin C can act as a skin brightener, which makes it perfect for fighting things like age spots and sun damage. In addition, this powerful antioxidant can stop more of this kind of damage from forming. Again, you won’t have to pack on a thick layer of this like you may with traditional sun screen. The formula is sheer and easy to apply. The best part? It smells like a Creamsicle.

Moisturizing Sun Screen: Origins A Perfect World SPF 40 Age Defense Moisturizer

The best part about having a moisturizer with SPF is that it can simplify your beauty routine. These moisturizers improve the look of your skin is terms of both reducing sun damage and boosting hydration. This oil-free moisturizer is rich in antioxidants, as well. However, this one uses silver tip white tea as its active ingredient. This antioxidant creates a protective barrier around your skin to protect from UVA and UVB rays. Now, photoaging and sun damage can be prevented. This moisturizer contains a powerful SPF 40 formula that also fights against the harm that pollutants can cause. This moisturizer contains natural ingredients like edelweiss and white birch to strengthen and hydrate skin.

Using Moisturizers For Daily Sun Screen

Normally, we only think to apply sun screen when we’re headed for the beach or for a long day outside. Rarely, do we think to add an SPF moisturizer to our daily routine. However, the benefits could prevent sun damage and photoaging. You may not realize how sun exposure over time could harm your skin. It’s important to give your skin the best defense against damage at all times. Preventing premature aging could be as simple as changing your moisturizer for one that contains SPF.

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