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Chemical peels are a hot way to get radiant skin at the moment.  After all, they’re not as invasive as many anti-aging procedures, and they mostly just take off dead skin from the top layer to reveal better and healthier skin underneath.  You can also get a chemical peel for relatively cheap in comparison to other procedures, such as microdermabrasion.  But, there is the inconvenience of going to the doctor’s office to get it done.  Luckily, skincare companies have realized that there is huge market for at-home peel products, and they have certainly delivered.

Depending on what kind of skin you have and what your budget is, there are dozens of different options for you to try out.  At-home peels run the gamut from intense formulas you should use sparingly to gentle, all-natural fruit acid peels that are great for an instant touchup day to day.  Whether or not you want to use a peel frequently is entirely up to you.  The best way to find out what works for your skin is to try a few different options and evaluate the results.  To help you make your decision, here is a brief list of at-home peels by price point.  Once you pick out your perfect peel, you’ll have dewier skin in no time.

Expensive Range: $100 + Facial Peels

Most of the best at-home peels mercifully ring in at less than $100, but if you do look at higher-priced products, you won’t be disappointed by the results.  These luxurious peels might as well be professionally done for the benefits they have.  If you have very rough skin, for example, you will be stunned by the three-fold exfoliating system of Natura Bissé Glyco Extreme Peel, which comes in at $250.  It does contain glycolic acid, which can be harsh on skin, but if you use it infrequently, then you won’t mind the brief stinging for the amazing benefits.  Another top-shelf peel that comes in the form of a two-step process is Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Medi-Spa Peel ($110).  This system is the full spa package, complete with headband to keep your hair out of your eyes.

Mid-Range: $50-$100 Facial Peels

If you want to get a polished look without dropping a whole day’s pay on it, then you should consider one of these middle priced products that still pack a powerful peeling punch.  One of the powerful, and yet all-natural, peels in this category is the Tata Harper Resurfacing Mask for $58.  If you have sensitive skin, you may not enjoy the stinging part, but it only takes a few minutes after you wash it off for your skin to return back to its normal color.  And, the benefit to the stinging is that it only takes one use to give you significant results in the brightening department.  If you have more sensitive skin, then you can always try Ever Reveal Biometric Peel Pads, which come in at $70.  These pads contain anti-inflammatory ingredients, so you won’t see that characteristic pink look after the peel is done.  And, this product will fit so flawlessly into your daily routine that it will hardly feel like you’re doing anything special.

Inexpensive Facial Peels:

Not everybody spends hundreds of dollars on their skin routines.  After all, what even is the difference between drugstore makeup and designer makeup?  If this is your motto, then there are still amazing at-home peels for you.  In fact, with Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel, you can get smooth, glowing skin for just $45 and also smell fantastic.  It’s a great exfoliator, so you can use it in place of scrubs and other methods you’ve tried before.  And, if you want to see just how much dead skin is usually left on your face after a normal exfoliation, then give Boscia Exfoliating Peel Gel ($34) a try.  This powerful, yet non-irritating, gel will take the dead flakes off your face quickly and easily.  Plus, you won’t have the abrasive scrubby bits that other products can include.  So, whether or not you’ve tried chemical peels in a doctor’s office, you may just find a product for you that is far more convenient and still does the job.

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