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We like to tell you about all of the Collagen creams that are good for your skin, and they are great, but there’s more to consider than just that as well. With all of the crazy ingredients that come with creams like the ones in our reviews, like Glycolic Acid and stuff, it’s nice to get back to the basics. Today we want to tell you about all of the Benefits Of Rose Water!

This simple mixture of roses and water has so many benefits for you that we have to hone it in on Benefits Of Rose Water For Your Face and Benefits Of Rose Water For Hair. So, read along with us as we learn how this simple little thing can be so good for us!

Benefits Of Rose Water | How To Make It On Your Own

If we really want to get down to the basics to have the best rose water, we’re going to tell you how to make it on your own! It isn’t a super-fast process, but it is worth it for the end result. So, here is how you can make your own rose water.

What You Need:

  • Distilled Water
  • Organic Roses

How To Make Your Own Rose Water:

  1. Remove the petals from about 7 roses and put them in a colander.
  2. Run lukewarm water over those petals just to get all of the gunk off, just in case
  3. Put the petals in a large pot
  4. Cover the petals with distilled water. Just enough to cover the petals, you don’t want to dilute it too much
  5. Bring the water to a simmer on medium-low heat and cover it
  6. Let the roses and the water simmer for about 20-30 minutes. The roses should lose a lot of their color
  7. Using a large bowl and a colander again, strain the water into the bowl, catching the petals with the colander
  8. Throw away the petals
  9. Store your fresh rose water in a sealed glass jar!

And there is how you make your very own rose water! Easy, right? Okay, so finish reading the what the Benefits Of Rose Water are before you run out to buy yourself a bouquet. Get a dozen so that you still have some to look at! You deserve them!

Benefits Of Rose Water For Your Face

Your face deserves the best treatment, and rose water is one of those. So, here are a few quick Benefits Of Rose Water For Face:

  • Helps maintain your skins pH balance
  • Controls excess oil
  • It can reduce redness
  • Can help lessen acne
  • It helps moisturize your face
  • Strengthens your skins cells
  • Could help heal scars

If you’re not sold yet, then let us tell you more Benefits Of Rose Water For Your Face.

By spritzing this little mixture on your face, it can help you really improve the overall look of your skin. And it’s so easy to make that it’s almost a no-brainer. You can also use it as a toner. Use 1 Tablespoon of rosewater, 4 Tablespoons of distilled water, and put them in a spray bottle and you have a homemade toner. And it’s going to smell fantastic! We’ve barely scratched the surface of the Benefits Of Rose Water For Face, but it’s time to move onto hair because we only have so much space to write.

Benefits Of Rose Water For Hair Growth

If rose water can do all of that for just your face, what are the Benefits Of Rose Water For Hair? Let’s dive right in! So, here are a few quick glance benefits of it!

  • It can help hydrate that frizz (you know what we mean)
  • There are hair growth properties
  • Hair conditioning
  • Get rid of dandruff
  • Lessen the oiliness of your scalp
  • It can reduce hair loss
  • And reduction of scalp inflammation

And again, those are just a few Benefits Of Rose Water For Hair! Our favorite part is the part about the Benefits Of Rose Water For Hair Growth! We all want long hair, but it can be so frustrating to grow it out only to realize that it doesn’t look healthy. So, if rose water can help us get there, we’re all on board!

Benefits Of Rose Water Closing Thoughts

Whether you’re using rose water for the Benefits Of Rose Water For Hair Growth, or for facial benefits, this little mix is just the thing that we all need! Okay, so now you can go out and buy yourself a nice bouquet of flowers! So, not only do you deserve to treat yourself, you’re treating yourself doubly! Go reap those Benefits Of Rose Water!

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