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#1 Wireless Earbuds Are Here!

Listen To Music Like You Never Have Before! Jive Mini Pods was vote “Best Sound Quality 2020.” You don’t even need to use your phone to control your music or answer phone calls with just one tap. It is comfortable for everyday use. Also, you don’t even have to charge it every day because the battery last up to 30 hours. Secondly, It is compatible with all phone, even Tablets, Laptops & Smart TVs. It is sweat and waterproof! It has a 32 feet range which is perfect if you are cleaning or doing something around the house. Lastly, Jive mini buds comes in multiple different colors to match your style. Order yours today!

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How To Use Jive Mini Pods?

You don’t have to pick up your phone to use the earbuds, all you have to do is tap on the side of the Jive Mini Pods. With just a tap you can skip songs, increase or decrease the volume, answer phone calls, and play and pause music. They have low-power consumption which means they don’t take as much power when you use than. The technology allows them to last longer than any other Mini Earbuds. Jive Earbuds last up to 30 hours of listening with the quick charge 3.0 technology. You won’t have to worry if you forget your charger when you take them on a long weekend. The case will also hold a charge that charges the earbuds when you put them in it.

Jive Mini Pod:

They are the perfect size to fit in your pocket and take them on the go. Jive earbuds are supper light weight; you might even forget that they are in your ears. Connect to your phones Bluetooth quickly as long as you have your Bluetooth turned on. The Jive Mini Pods have Noise Reduction Technology that increases the sound quality and experience you have when you play your music. Also, once the battery life ruins out which will take a while it can get a 2-hour charge in only 15 minutes.  


  • No Cord
  • Long Battery Life
  • Supper Light Weight
  • Sweat Proof
  • Rain/Water Resistant
  • Great Audio
  • Small – Can Fit In Your Pocket
  • Comfortable Ear Shape
  • Instant Bluetooth Paring
  • Fast Charging

How To Get The Best Price?

Wireless earbuds can be expensive if you want the best quality and if you want ones that are truly sweat and waterproof. Also, you could spend up to $250 on other products and end up not liking them or have them not fit correctly. With Jive Mini Ear Pods you can SAVE  70% on your first purchase! You might even be able to save more if there are more deals going on. However, these deals won’t last long as the demand increase so don’t wait!

Where To Buy Jive Earbuds

Clicking on the image on this page after the first paragraph to order today! Jive Earbud prices won’t get any better anywhere else. Find out why they are the #1 earbuds out there!


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