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Everyone knows that protein is one of the most powerful supplemental workout components. This nutrient is absolutely essential to strength training. It provides energy to fuel your lifts and boosts recovery, helping muscle grow faster and stronger. But there is less clarity and certainty surrounding the timing. Some fitness trainers will tell you that using protein as a pre workout supplement is the way to go. Others will insist that getting your fix after a session in the gym is ideal. One can produce a compelling case for both sides. Today, we will examine when to take protein from both perspectives.

A while ago we outlined the process through which protein helps facilitate muscle growth. It’s definitely worth a read if you’re looking to understand the nuts and bolds of his complex dynamic. In short, protein and amino acids are the fundamental building blocks of muscle tissue. Although the standard individual gets sufficient protein through his or high diet, workout warriors often need much more. Protein synthesis requires plenty of fuel, especially as we get older and our body can’t naturally accomplish things quite as well. Boosting protein in your diet, as well as leaning on a quality supplement, are excellent ideas if not imperatives. But getting a handle on when to take protein is key. Let’s look at the case for both sides.

Pre Workout Protein Advantages

The primary benefit to getting your protein fix before working out is the energy that it provides you. Many find that they are able to increase strength, stamina and endurance by consuming protein before a workout. Whether in the form of a protein-heavy meal featuring foods like eggs or meet, or a smaller snack like nuts or yogurt, or a supplement shake, all are good approaches. You’ll want to take the protein at least an hour before working out because it takes time to absorb. There’s certainly nothing wrong with having that protein coursing through you while you hit the weights. Just make sure you don’t eat too large a meal so as to weigh yourself down.

Post Workout Protein Advantages

Plenty of research supports the aftermath of a workout as optimal as far as when to take protein. One reason, on a basic level, relates to what we just mentioned. If you chug a big shake or eat a meal shortly before the gym, it can bog you down with a heavy feeling. But there are more scientific elements to this as well. For instance, after a workout, when your muscle are in that broken down state, they are more receptive and responsive to the stimulating effects of protein. Essentially, you are giving your muscles what they need, when they need it. And along that same line, infusing protein at this time can reduce the rate of protein breakdown, greatly boosting recovery.

So, When To Take Protein?

It’s not going to be a bad thing either way. Plenty of people follow each of these approaches with considerable success. However, if you are looking to determine which one is superior, it seems safe to say that post workout is when to take protein. Stronger evidence exists for this timing and it fundamentally makes sense for the reasons outlined above. Whenever you’re taking it, make sure you are supporting your muscle program with this critical nutrient.

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