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It’s time for another product review today! Today we’ll be going over Vital Progenix and how it could work for you! It’s supposed to do quite a bit in the means of helping you out. From the gym to the bedroom, it could do everything. But, we’ll help you figure out if it’s really going to work or not.

You know the drill: we’ll go over the ingredients and then any of the possible side effects. And if we can, we’ll even list the price for you. So, if you’re curious about Vital Progenix Pills, you’re in the perfect spot! Keep on reading! Or, you can always take a look at the product that we have linked around this page. Those are some of our favorites and we wouldn’t put them there if we didn’t think that they had high potential to work for you.

Now, let’s get on with this VitalProgenix Review!

Vital Progenix Ingredients

You know how important ingredients can be to a product. There’s a lot to say about the stuff that makes a supplement. So, here’s the little lit of Vital Progenix Ingredients that we found for you:

  • Longjack (Tongkat Ali Root Extract)
  • Horny Goat Weed Extract
  • Saw Palmetto

It’s a rather small list in our opinion. That doesn’t mean that it’s bad, it’s just less than we thought that it should be. But, we can’t really tell you whether or not that’s good. You’ll have to make that call on your own.

You should always be paying attention to what you find listed in the ingredients with products like the Vital Progenix Supplement. You want to make sure that you’re not allergic to anything and what not.

So, let’s get into those possible side effects.

Vital Progenix Side Effects

The possible Vital Progenix Side Effects are these:

  1. Heartburn
  2. Headache
  3. Vision Changes
  4. Aching Muscles
  5. Diarrhea

We don’t know if you’ll actually have any of these with Vital Progenix Male Enhancement, but you should be watching out for them all the time. You never really know what could happen, and you have to take care of your body.

Now, let’s talk about more of the important stuff. The pricing information.

Vital Progenix Price

The initial Vital Progenix Price looks really appealing. They say that you can get it for a free trial for only $4.97! But, they don’t tell you very clearly that it’s going to enter you in a subscription service. If you don’t cancel this within 14-day trial, you’ll be charged $126! And that’s going to be every month until you cancel it. That’s a lot of money for something like Vital Progenix Pills.

Vital Progenix Final Thoughts

While we think that Vital Progenix Supplement is probably a fine supplement, we don’t really like the price. And we were a little unsettled with how few ingredients they listed. There’s just a lot of odd with this product. So, we’re going to refrain from suggesting that you try this one out.

You should look at some of our other options because we want you to get those benefits that VitalProgenix claimed you could. It won’t take you long to find something to replace it. Just look at the other products around this page.

Of course, thank you for reading Muscle Gainer today!

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