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Perhaps no word carries as many misconceptions and myths as the word “anabolic.” Perhaps it’s because the term anabolic steroid is so pervasive that the descriptor carries negative connotations. After all, we associate such substances with performance-enhancing drugs that ruin the reputations of our favorite pro athletes and sports idols. There’s something inherently dangerous, or illicit, about the word in the eyes of many people. If you use an anabolic supplement, does that mean you’re cheating to gain an edge? Are you putting your body at risk by gaining support from such products?

In actuality, there is nothing so nefarious about anabolism. It simply refers to the core, fundamental process of building muscle. Also described as “constructive metabolism,” it’s about synthesis of molecules with the storage of energy. The very process of lifting weights and strength training work around this concept. Therefore, an anabolic supplement is simply one that works to assist the process. This can occur in different ways, but generally the ideas are the same. In this article we will look at some of the different types, along with the pros and cons. Are anabolic supplements worth using?

What Does an Anabolic Supplement Do?

The phrases anabolic supplements and anabolic steroids are interchangeable in the eyes of some. You will see them used together with an “aka” between them on a lot of websites. From our view, this is false and misleading. Now, it is true that synthetic testosterone and HGH chemicals can pose harmful risks for the body. But there are many natural anabolic supplements that are generally quite safe. And in fact, they can be critical components to an effective strength training routine. The process of growing lean muscle is difficult, and it grows more difficult as we get older. That’s because our bodies inherently produce less of some important substances after the age of 30 or so.

Testosterone and growth hormones are important to the physiological fundamentals of adding muscle. When we see talk of PEDs and banned steroids, it’s usually a situation where someone is trying to gain an unfair edge by boosting their levels beyond the standard level. But with natural workout supplementation, an anabolic supplement is usually just aiming to restore an optimal level. This can be vital to your progress and the avoidance of hitting a wall. For instance, after the age of 35, males begin to lose around 2 to 4 percent of their testosterone output annually. It’s easy to see, then, why this can make it far more difficult to maintain the physique you desire at age 50.

Anabolic Supplement Types

There are many different anabolic supplement variations, but the more mainstream types include protein capsules, amino acid blends and nitric oxide ignitors. Testosterone boosters are also popular and effective tools for supporting an effective muscle program. In order to maximize the positive impact, you can build a supplement stack that uses complementary formulas. Choosing the right kinds and using them in combination can greatly increase the speed and size of your results.

In conclusion, we do recommend avoiding those synthetic or harsh steroids, but at the end of the day, an anabolic supplement is simply a muscle supplement. And there’s little doubt that such products can safely assist your goals.

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