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Testosterone supplements are serious business.  There are thousands of supplements out there vying for your hard-earned attention and money.  There are certainly some that stand above the rest.  True Testo is one of those supplements.  There are some things we really like about it; it’s natural, it’s effective, and it’s well-reviewed.  But sometimes things aren’t quite what they seem on the surface.  Let’s take a closer look at some of these areas, and see if True Testo pills hold up to a little closer inspection.

Does True Testo Work?

True Testo Complex has every appearance of being a highly effective testosterone supplement.  Their advertising material certainly makes a good case for the supplement.  But when we’ve ventured outside their strictly controlled marketing sphere, we’ve encountered some things that don’t exactly line up.  One of those things is the purported male enhancement benefits.  We’ve seen it marketed as both a male enhancement supplement, and as a dedicated testosterone supplement.  We tend to see it more in the latter category, as it’s meant to help with testosterone boosting, and creating more muscle, with the enhanced sex drive only being a tertiary benefit.  That said, testosterone supplementation in any form should help improve sex drive and function.

What Are The Benefits of True Testo Max?

True Testo Max, like we said above, is billed as a three-benefit testosterone supplement.  But those benefits kind of bleed into eachother upon closer inspection.  But being it’s a testosterone supplement at heart, it makes sense.  Here are the benefits in a little better detail;

Hyper Testosterone Boost – Well, we don’t know about the term “hyper”, but this one does boost testo according to the company. Testosterone loss occurs naturally after the age of 30, but for some of us with unnaturally low testosterone, we can benefit greatly from this boost in testosterone.  Additionally, getting it from natural ingredients can be a big benefit.

Enhances Sex Drive – Did you know men with low testosterone can suffer from lessened desire for sex, or low libido?  It’s true.  True Testo, as a testosterone boosting supplement should help with increasing libido, if you have low testosterone levels.  Any claims about size, hardness, duration, etc., should be taken with a grain of salt.

Less Fat, More Muscle – It’s well documented, at least with anecdotal evidence, that lower testosterone means less muscle, more fat.  So giving your body a boost in testosterone should help you reverse that, right?  Well, if you’re working out.  The testosterone should help you put on a little more muscle, which in turn should help you burn additional calories.  But it’s not going to be some kind of magic, it’s going to take effort to get this benefit

True Testo Complex – Final Thoughts

We have a lot of choices when it comes to testosterone boosting, and we’re pretty picky.  So, do True Testo Complex pills have what it takes to make it into our gym bag?  Yes.  But we do want to see some improvements.  If the company offers a better, less convoluted trial, we think a lot of people will start buying regularly.  Until then, we’ll be using our favorite testosterone supplement, which you can check out up at the top of the page.  Happy lifting!

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