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If you lift weight or focus on muscle building, then you probably recognize the value of testosterone. This hormone is critical to the process of growing and defining muscle tissue. It also carries a number of other important functions for men, such as assisting with weight management and fueling libido. As we get older, we begin to naturally lose our testosterone production. This typically sets in around the age of 35, and it helps explain some of our declining capabilities and productivities as we age. As such, males frequently turn to testosterone boosters in order to restore the right balance. This can help regain a key edge. But is there such a thing as overdoing it? Are you at risk of a testosterone overdose if you take too much, or don’t properly space out your supplements?

The advantages of testosterone for men are quite clear. At this point, there is really no denying them. Even those who are not working out and trying to build muscle can benefit significantly from using a testosterone booster. It is particularly advisable to use a natural blend that does not include synthetic or artificial ingredients. Bringing hormone balance back to a body that is losing it provide many reinvigorating effects. It’s easy to see why raising testo levels is a popular and commendable choice, but messing around with bodily chemicals is understandably a little unnerving. What would happen if you were to reach a testosterone overdose point? How dangerous is it?

Is a Testosterone Overdose Possible?

It’s a valid question. It is basically a rule that putting too much of anything — even a good thing — into your body can lead to adverse effects. And indeed, there are some testosterone side effects when you get too much. Now, to be clear, it’s not quite accurate to call this phenomenon a testosterone overdose. You’re not likely to cause some acute spastic reaction by consuming too many T-boost capsules. In fact, it’s fairly hard to overdo it if you’re taking herbal testosterone supplements featuring ingredients like tribulus terristris or tongkat ali. These are quite safe properties, coming from nature, and you would need to take an awful lot to trigger a truly bad outcome. The testosterone overdose type effects are more likely to set in if you’re taking injections or using a more extreme form of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT).

Testosterone Overdose Side Effects

With all that being said, there are some unpleasant effects associated with getting too much testosterone in any form. These can include excess skin oil, and resulting acne, in various place — especially the back. Loss of hair is another potential negative outcome. Some believe that testosterone overdose can increase your risk for prostate cancer, although there’s no material proof of this.

And… taking too much testosterone can shrink your testicles. This is a real thing, triggered by your brain’s belief that the testes are producing too much of the hormone. Doesn’t sound very nice, does it?

In conclusion, boosting testosterone is a good idea for most men over the age of 30. But follow directions and take proper doses.

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