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Testosterone loss happens in men as they age. And, since this hormone is so important to the natural function of the human body, you’ll definitely see a change when your testosterone starts dropping. Testosterone helps keep up your muscle build and bone mass, so you can lose some of that as you age. In addition to that, it keeps a man’s sex drive going. So, it’s an important hormone, and when it drops off it can cause problems.

Why Do We Experience Testosterone Loss?

For example, some men lose more testosterone than others, and that’s when you run into real problems. Because, when your testosterone drops too low, you get more and more symptoms. And, these symptoms can actually be mistaken for natural aging. However, when they interfere with your normal life, it’s time to make a change. Men can actually get their testosterone tested to see if they’re at a healthy level. In the meantime, read our list below to learn about symptoms of low testosterone. So, you can see if you or someone you love may need to get tested for testosterone loss.

Symptoms Of Testosterone Loss

Usually, these symptoms can be mistaken as natural aging. But, if you have any of these symptoms, you may actually just have low testosterone. And, that means you can do something about it.

  • Low Sex Drive – Testosterone is one of the key hormones that contributes to a healthy sex drive. And, without it, you’ll notice you don’t want sex as often. And, men with low testosterone will notice a more significant drop in their desire for sex, which could tip you off that there’s a problem.
  • Hair Loss – This hormone actually helps keep your hair on your head and face. So, if you start losing your hair rapidly, or find yourself unable to grow facial hair, you should get tested for low testosterone.
  • Low Energy – Now, as you age you’re obviously going to feel tired more quickly. But, low testosterone makes you feel tired all the time, no matter how much you sleep. Or, if you don’t have motivation to exercise, that’s another symptom of low testosterone.
  • Loss Of Muscle – Testosterone plays a key role in building up muscle mass and making you strong. So, if you have low testosterone, you’ll notice your muscle mass wearing away. And, you’ll feel like you can’t lift as much as you used to, or like your muscles are weak. Even worse, working out will feel fruitless because low testosterone makes it hard to build muscle up.
  • Increase In Body Fat – Many studies show that testosterone actually affects the way your body stores fat. So, a dip in it can make you gain a lot of weight. One common place you’ll gain weight is in the chest area, so that’s another sign you may need to get your testosterone tested.
  • Mood Changes – Much like menopause in women, low testosterone triggers mood swings in men. This hormone plays a role in your mood and mental processes, so a change in it can mess up the way your brain works. And, that leads to things like depression, low concentration, and irritability.
  • Decline In Bone Mass – This is probably one of the most difficult symptoms to see for yourself. But, since testosterone helps keep bones healthy and strong, losing testosterone causes weaker bones. So, if you break bones easier, that is a good indication of low testosterone.

So, Can You Fix Testosterone Loss?

Whether or not you’ve experienced these symptoms, testosterone loss can invade your life. And, even if you can’t build muscle the way you used to, you could probably use a boost in testosterone. Thankfully, there’s millions of testosterone boosting products out on the market. Many of them are marketed toward men who want to gain more lean muscle mass. So, if you take one of these supplements, you may notice a decrease in symptoms.

But, you must stick with all natural formulas, because synthetic versions of testosterone can actually harm your body. For example, steroids are actually a synthetic form of testosterone. And, as well as they can build up muscle, they actually can shrink your penis and increase your breast size. In other words, they cause more harm than good. So, bottom line, if you’re looking for a testosterone booster, stick with one that has all natural ingredients. Ingredients like Tongkat Ali and Horny Goat Weed are good ones to look for, as they can raise testosterone naturally.

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