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It doesn’t matter if you’ve got low T levels or if you’re just looking for the extra push you need in the gym. We’re all looking for a product that works, and let’s face it, there’s such a market for testosterone boosters that fake and outright scam products have been popping up all over the place. It can be hard to tell the difference between a legit product and one that’s just trying to take your money while feeding off guys that just want to improve themselves. Don’t worry! We’re here to help. We’ve assembled a list of the Best Testosterone Supplements 2018. From reviews to effects, we’ve done our research to bring you the best.

 Best Testosterone Supplements of 2018 – Criteria

We looked at a lot of supplements (because, believe us, there are a lot of them out there), but we narrowed the lost down based on a few key factors. First of all were results. We wanted to hear real results from real people. Second, we looked at what kind of results people were reporting. Basically, while one T booster may help build muscle, another may build muscle and improve performance. Thirdly, we check the value, comparing price to reported results. In the end, we had our list.

Top Testosterone Supplements 2018

  • Testogen – This supplement contains all the ingredients that check off every box on our checklist. The reports are in, and a lot of people are reporting this product as having numerous effects from muscle building to solving ED issues. Not only that, but the price is right (granted, it’s significantly better if you order in bulk, but still). It may not be the cheapest, but it’s also far from the most expensive supplement we looked at.
  • Sergeant Steel – This supplement has sixteen ingredients. SIXTEEN! Users have stated that this supplement has reduced recovery time, improved libido, bulked them up and even more. It’s also only about $50 a bottle which is significantly below others that we’ve seen. For the price, this one really can’t be beat.
  • Nugenix – While this booster is typically marketed toward older men, don’t write it off. There are younger guys out there using this supplement and loving it. If you look at the ingredients, it’s got all the right stuff, plus some you wouldn’t normally think of that are designed to boost your immune system. That can’t hurt, right?
  • Viron – Here’s the thing with this one, people are reporting incredible results while using it. It’s basically giving them everything they want from libido boosting to muscle gain. However, we also found some users that reported little to no effect. They were in the minority, but this supplement seems to be all or nothing based on reviews. It’s worth a shot at the price of $39.95 for a bottle.

Best Testosterone Supplements 2018

Those are the ones we wanted to highlight. You may have found others or heard of others, and we invite you to try them out too. We certainly didn’t analyze all of them. In fact, we were still finding new ones near the end of our research. There are literally hundreds of these things out there. We just wanted to point you in the right direction so that you wouldn’t get duped by a bogus product. If you’re considering a supplement, we recommend you read this article about the dangers of low T levels. Thanks for reading and stay safe out there!

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