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We’ve reviewed tons of testo boosting supplements, but none with the excitement surrounding Test Boost Excel.  This upcoming release is one of the most anticipated supplements in recent memory, and that’s due to the company behind it.  But before we go and give this one a 5 star rating right away, let’s talk about why this supplement is so exciting.  In our preview / review of Test Boost Excel, we’ll be talking about the ingredients that make this one work, as well as the results users can expect.  We’ll also talk about the buying options, and what to expect with the rumored trial program.  Let’s get started.

What Is Test Boost Excel?

Test Boost Excel is one of those supplements that shakes away the strict definitions we tend to place on muscle building supplements.  On the surface, it’s a testo boosting supplement.  But after looking a little closer, you get a feeling that Test Boost Excel pills are much more than that.  The first thing we saw that made that clear was on the bottle.   The supplement is claiming to help not only with the normal perks of testosterone oosting, like muscle building and testosterone boosting, but also performance and libido. That makes it more in line with an all-around muscle supplement than a dedicated testo blend.

How Does Test Boost Excel Work?

While the details are still coming out, it looks like Test Boost Excel is using a set of natural ingredients.  But a few of those ingredients are shrouded in mystery.  Here’s the list of active ingredients;

  • Calcium
  • Anticatabolic Complex
  • Rhodiola Extract
  • Free Testosterone Stimulator
  • Boron Citrate
  • Active Boron

As you can see form the list, there are a couple that are pretty mysterious; namely the anticatabolic complex and the Free (Active) Testosterone Stimulator.  They’re present in small amounts, at 2mg a piece, and because they don’t list out the ingredients in the given blends, we’re left to guess as to what they’re using.  It’s an interesting setup, and one we’re excited to hear more about.

Where To Buy Test Boost Excel

Right now, Test Boost Excel isn’t available to the general public.  We just happened to find the website online and saw that it was connected to a company that we really liked in the past.  While we haven’t been given any details on when they’ll be releasing the product, it looks like it will be within the month.  What we do have is information on the trial, and pricing for that trial.

Test Boost Excel Trial Program

The trial program for Testo Boost Excel is an exciting new way to try the product without buying.  But before you go trying to sign up, let’s look at a few details first.  They want a $4.95 shipping fee to send you a bottle to try.  Once you order, you have 14 days to get and try the product.  After that you have to decide to cancel.  If you don’t, you’re automatically signed up for the renewal program, which sends you a bottle monthly.  For those of us with irregular budgets, that might pose a problem.   But for those of us with regular income, or retired even, it’s a welcome addition.

Testo Boost Excel: Final thoughts

While there is a lot up in the air with Test Boost Excel, there’s also a lot to be excited about.  The formula is really the most exciting part, and we can’t wait to get more details on the blends they’re using.  We’ll keep this page updated as more details come in, so be sure to check back, or add us on facebook so you can remember!  Happy lifting.

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