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Nothing beats a good, exhausting, productive workout. But those workouts can sure beat you sometimes. The upside of a strength training session that wipes you out is obvious. It means you have pushed yourself to the max, given everything you had, and fully broken down those muscle tissues. This lays the groundwork for rapid growth and rebuilding. It is the fundamental basis for making gains. But the downside is also obvious: you’re wiped out. Post-workout fatigue can be a real inhibitor for people when it leaves them out of energy, with lingering weakness. Identifying the best muscle recovery tips will not only get you back in an active state quicker. It will also accelerate your progress and bolster your overall muscle program.

The power and energy that our bodies require for a tough muscle workout are immense. When you go hard in the gym, you tend to deplete these reserves. It can lead to limbs feeling like rubber in the hours (or even days) after you wrap up. While this is a perfectly natural outcome in general, there are factors that can exacerbate it. Overcoming those barriers is one of the most critical muscle recovery tips. There are steps you can take before and after your exercise session in order to minimize the issue. And by adopting these methods, you can comprehensively improve your approach. The techniques below are conducive not only to faster recovery, but also rapid healthy muscle growth in general.

Muscle Recovery Tips for Fighting Fatigue

These fall into two categories. We will talk first about the kinds of preventative steps you can take to lessen the frequency and severity of post-workout fatigue. Then, we’ll cover some practices you can utilize after lifting in order to decrease the impact of this issue.

Pre-Workout Muscle Recovery Tips

Lay the proper nutritional groundwork. In many cases, people hit a wall during workouts or lack the energy to excel because they aren’t getting the right nutrients in their bodies. You’ll want to ensure that your diet includes plenty of carbs and amino acids, which provide burnable fuel. Additionally protein is of course a key staple. And in this example, a universal wellness mantra comes into play: ABH. Always Be Hydrated. Make sure you’re getting plenty of water. Even more than you may think you need.

Boost your body with pre-workout supplements. There are a number of different natural ingredients that can help provide an acute energy increase before working out. These powerful pre-workout supplements include properties like beta alanine and L-arginine. Such amino acids, found in many popular gym supplements, can help improve blood flow. This means more oxygen and nutrients traveling to muscle tissue more quickly.

Make sure you’re getting plenty of sleep. This probably won’t surprise you, but when you don’t get ample rest, your body tends to wear down more quickly. It then struggles to replenish. If you battle insomnia or other sleep difficulties, put a focus on overcoming them.

Post-Workout Muscle Recovery Tips

Stretch and massage after the gym. Muscles can stiffen up if you don’t give them the proper treatment after pushing them. We always recommend a solid 15 minutes of stretching after your workout. A foam roller is a great way to loosen up muscle and expedite recovery.

Get your post protein fix. Drinking a protein shake before working out isn’t a bad idea. But such a beverage might pay more dividends afterward. This is because of its direct impact on muscle tissue synthesis and regeneration. Simply put, muscle helps your muscles grow faster, cutting down fatigue.

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