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When it comes to working out, people can often have their own unique goals and objectives. Sometimes, it’s simply about weight loss. Others might be trying to build up cardiovascular endurance to run a distance race or for other purposes. Frequently you’ll see people working to tone up certain areas or develop definition (especially in the core). But for many strength training routines, the mission is simple and straightforward: add muscle. No frills, no complexities: just add muscle mass and grow out a large, powerful and muscular physique. What are the best bulking supplements to get you there?

To be sure, different approaches to fitness call for different types of support. For example, a supplement that works great for boosting long-term stamina may not do much for short-burst intensity exercises. The revere is also true. Understanding just which ingredients and formulas will be conducive to boosting your workouts is a critical staple to success. Not only can the wrong supplement fail to support your progress, but it can actually inhibit it. With this in mind, we’re going to cover the bases in terms of what comprises the best bulking supplements. If you’re strictly looking to add muscle mass fast, what kinds of ingredients and characteristics should you be looking for? What should you avoid?

Qualities of the Best Bulking Supplements

One thing to keep in mind is that you should always be aiming for natural ingredients. The best bulking supplements will use properties that inherently occur within the body, or come from plants. There’s really no reason to be settling for synthetic or artificial properties with all of the advancements in herbal and natural supplementation.

But which ingredients, in particular, are going to move the needle? Well, one nutrient that is going to be elemental is protein. This is the fundamental building block of muscle tissue. There are many forms of protein supplements that support growing muscle. Whey protein is of course extremely popular, in both capsule and powder form. Casein protein is a dairy-based alternative that is increasingly gaining traction. Soy and egg protein are also quite mainstream.

Amino acids also play a critical role in the biological process of muscle building. They relate to protein in that they are capable of stimulating the natural synthesis of this essential nutrient. Again there are many different types of amino acid supplements that you can find online and in stores. They all serve their own purposes. But perhaps the most effective in terms of assisting with rapid muscle gains are branched chain amino acids (BCAAs). There are three amino acids that fall under this category: valine, leucine and isoleucine. They are particularly beneficial because of the role they play in accelerating muscle recovery.

Creatine is another heavy hitter among the best bulking supplements. This naturally occurring metabolite also helps spur faster recovery, and can increase the volume of muscle cells. In terms of high-intensity muscle boosting workouts, few supplement bases can do more good.

Pricing the Best Bulking Supplements

The prices ranges for this strength training support fixtures can vary greatly. To get a quality blend, you will want to stay in the $50-70 range roughly. Some premium products can exceed that. However, going the cheap route will often result in less rapid or substantial impact than you desire.

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