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The term “male enhancement” is fairly broad and covers a wide range of penis enlargements and sexual performance improvement products. Sometimes, the term is used to in the same regard as “penis enlargement,” but male enhancement is on a much larger scope. It can also be used to describe products, both over the counter supplements and prescribed medications, may improve semen production, enhance sexual endurance and treat erectile dysfunction. Treatments can range from dietary supplements, creams, exercises and devices to medications and surgery.

Why Are Male Enhancements Used?

Some people seek male enhancement simply to extend the duration and improve the experience of sexual intercourse. Supplements are often marketed for their potential to increase energy, improve endurance and intensify orgasms. Some may seek to increase the size their penis. However, other reasons people use these products are to treat premature ejaculation, low sperm count, impotence and erectile dysfunction.

Reason For Using Enhancement Include:

  • Increased Penis Length & Girth
  • Improved Sexual Endurance
  • Preventing Premature Ejaculation
  • Enhanced Libido/Arousal & Sex Drive
  • Elevation of Sperm Count
  • Help Achieving/Maintaining Erection
  • Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Does Male Enhancement Work?

There are proven methods of male enhancement. Some products come from credible sources backed by real testimonials and clinical evidence. You can find some male enhancements with multiple doctor endorsements, live customer support and firm guarantees.
That said, it is understandable to question the validity of male enhancement considering all the fly-by-night products and spam emails. There are so many loopholes, especial in the online market, that some products are not FDA approved and offer little to no scientific merit.

Can Male Enhancement Increase Penis Size?

There are many claims out there of medications and creams being able to permanently increase the size of the penis. However, so far, there are only two medically proven male enhancements available that provide increase length and girth to the penis.

Penis Exercise

There are certain exercises that utilize traction to increase the size of the penis. This works by stimulating the cell mitosis. As cell division increases throughout the penile chamber, the penis expands. Consistent use can, over time, cause the penis to become bigger.

Penis Extenders

This penis enlargement technique also utilizes traction. Using a medical device that is worn over the penis, this method can gradually increase the size of the penis.

Types Of Male Enhancements:

  • Exercises
  • Medication
  • Supplements
  • Creams/Gels
  • Clamps
  • Pumps
  • Surgery

How Long Does Male Enhancement Take To Work?

The duration penis enlargement products and exercises are used can vary from treatment to treatment. Penis enlarging exercises often require daily use (between 20 and 30 minutes per day), which may take several months to achieve desired results. Penis extenders are usually worn 6-8 hours per day and also require months of use.
Other enhancements, such as performance related products like gel, can work instantly upon application. However, other performance enhancement products, like supplements, require 60 to 90 days of use to achieve the full benefits.

Is Male Enhancement Safe?

There is always some concern when taking any products, which is why it is best to first seek counsel from a physician before taking medications, using devices and undergoing surgery. In general, natural supplements are widely accepted as relatively safe, when used as directed. Use with caution and avoid use when under 18, taking medication, under physician’s care and nursing or pregnant.

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