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Strong is sexy. This credo is increasingly taking hold of the fitness world. Whereas men very commonly seek to bulk up in the gym, it’s been something of a faux pas for the gals. There was a general perception that muscle mass was unbecoming for a lady. However, that time is passing by. Female strength training is in, because we are recognizing more and more that a muscular physique with definition is part of an attractive figure. Not only that, but boosting your muscle content also carries plenty of other health benefits.

Now, we’re not necessarily saying you need to follow the female bodybuilder blueprint and developing giant, rippling muscles. That’s not for everyone. But ladies shouldn’t be afraid of embracing weight-lifting and muscle-building as part of their fitness routines. It’s time to leave those gender stereotypes behind and enjoy the athletic upside to focusing on muscle as part of your program at the gym. Especially because adding lean muscle is critical to reducing fat and heightening metabolism. The core concepts of female strength training aren’t too different from the male counterpart. However, there are some distinctions and today we will go over them.

Female Strength Training Fundamentals

The basic tenets of female strength training are not as unique as you might suspect. Studies show that women have about two-thirds of the absolute strength in comparison with men. So naturally, it is advisable to take on lower weight loads when lifting. However, the conceptions about females needing to drastically dilute their programs relative to males is mostly myth. In truth, women can max out their intensity and maintain the same schedules without issue. Additionally, there should be no reservations about using any type of equipment or tool.

Strength training offers a number of benefits beyond visible muscle gain. These should appeal to members of both sexes. At the top of the list, as mentioned above, is the weight management advantage. Lean muscle ranks as one of the best calorie burners out there, so when you are maintaining a program that keeps you strong, you’re also keeping fat gain at bay. A strong and healthy physique provides excellent support for ligaments and joints, as well. Plus, it is helpful for a straight and sturdy posture. Muscle, on a basic level, is key to the framework of a fit body.

Female Strength Training Supplements

As is the case with the underlying principles, there aren’t a huge number of differences when it comes to choosing supplements for female strength training. Many of the same concepts are at play. When it comes to supporting fast and reliable muscle development, protein supplements remain a strong choice. Any variety of protein — whether whey, soy, egg, or other — should provide a helpful boost. Creatine is also a good choice.

The one major point of contrast, as you might guess, is testosterone boosters. Because of the differing hormonal makeup of female bodies, it’s not really advisable to take T-boosters in most cases. Now, to be clear, it’s not all that bad. If you’re a woman, taking a testosterone booster is not going to cause you to suddenly grow a mustache or drop your voice three octaves.

However, options like proteins and branched chain amino acids are simply preferable options. When it comes to female strength training, don’t be afraid to wade into the traditionally male-centric approaches. And don’t be afraid of adding a little muscle bulk. Like we said: strong is sexy.

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