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Amino acids are basically the building blocks of protein. So, you need them to build muscle cells, especially after a workout. But, the three common amino acids that muscle supplements use can be confusing. They have long names, and you probably have never heard of them before. So, this guide is to discuss three amino acids and how they can help improve your muscle cell regeneration. That way, the next time you look for a natural muscle supplement, you know what to look for. And, you can avoid products filled with synthetic ingredients, which cause more harm in the end.

Common Amino Acids in Muscle Supplements

There are plenty of amino acids we see in supplements, but these three make up a lion’s share of them.  L-arginine, of the three, is the most popular, especially in testosterone boosting formulas.  But citrulline and norvaline still see a lot of action. We’ll kick it off with L-Arginine in our list of common amino acids in muscle supps.


This is probably the most important amino acid that a muscle supplement can have, and for two reasons. First, it helps naturally make more proteins. We all know how important protein is for building muscle cells. In fact, without the right amount of protein, you can’t build muscle at all. But, this amino acid can actually help take more protein from the food you eat and use it for muscle building. Because, sometimes the body can’t turn all the protein you eat into muscle cells. basically, this amino acid helps pick up the slack, so you build as much muscle as possible.
L-Arginine also helps improve Nitric Oxide in the body. Basically, Nitric Oxide is a compound that helps relax blood vessels in your veins. And, when they’re relaxed, more blood can flow through them. And, your muscles get everything they need to grow from your blood. For example, they get protein, oxygen, and nutrients through that channel. So, by increasing blood flow to your muscles, you also increase the amount of resources that gets to them. And, that means your cells can start growing faster, because they have all the proteins and nutrients needed to regenerate after a tough workout.


Now, this amino acid also helps build up Nitric Oxide in the body. But, L-Arginine and L-Citrulline actually work better together, so we recommend finding a supplement that offers both for optimal results. Another reason you need a lot of blood flow to your muscles is because blood carries oxygen to them. And, your muscles actually need oxygen to contract and expand during your workout. So, if your muscle cells aren’t getting the right amount of oxygen during a workout, they actually can’t work as hard as they should be able to. And, that means you could be wasting time and not getting good results.
Another thing L-Citrulline is great at is boosting energy levels. In fact, supplements containing this amino acid actually help you work out harder without even noticing. So, even if you have a really stressful day at the office and you feel exhausted, you can still crush your workout and not miss a day of getting results. Sometimes, even getting to the gym is a triumph in itself. But, you don’t want to get there and waste your time, so this amino acid helps improve your energy levels so you can crush it every time.


This amino acid isn’t as common in muscle supplements, but it actually helps your muscles recover faster. Because, this amino acid contains anti-inflammatory properties that help calm down your muscles after a workout. Truly, one of the most important parts of building muscle is the recovery period. And, when you can beat inflammation and calm down muscles, you can get into the gym faster. Inflammation makes cells unable to regenerate, so this amino acid makes sure that doesn’t stop muscles from growing after a tough workout. Basically, all these amino acids work together to make you gain muscle faster naturally.

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