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Unless you live under a rock, then you are probably familiar with CrossFit. Maybe you don’t fully understand the ins and outs of this exercise trend, but it’s pretty hard to avoid hearing about it or seeing promotions for CrossFit gyms. There are good reasons for the popularity of this approach. Based on the tried-and-true principles of high-intensity interval training (HIIT), CrossFit focuses on explosive movements that rapidly build muscle, burn calories, boost metabolism and drive weight loss. In light of its unique characteristics, what are some CrossFit supplements that will specifically help with this form of workouts? Are there particular types that will provide an extra edge?

It isn’t hard to see why CrossFit workouts are gaining so much traction across the fitness world. It’s social, it has basis in real physiological science, and the workouts tend to be quicker than others. The whole idea is packing maximum productivity into a short amount of time. Of course, that also means that these workouts are quite intense. Many people find them difficult to power through, and also draining to the point where they have no energy afterwards. In order to solve these problems, more and more folks are searching for CrossFit supplements that can help maximize their productivity and minimize the downtime.

Pinpointing CrossFit Supplements

There are endless numbers of workout enhancers out there, ranging from muscle-boosting protein blends http://newreviewhq.com/muscle/kinds-protein-best-muscle-building/ to testosterone boosters to amino acid complexes and more. Plenty of evidence supports the efficacy of these formulas for their own individual purposes. But when looking for CrossFit supplements, we are look for some very specific traits. These workouts tend to involve short and intense bursts of activity. Rapid recovery and repair are key imperatives to the process. You won’t want a capsule that aims to assist with long-term endurance or other unnecessary ends. Here are the best supplement ingredients for optimizing your CrossFit workout results.

Top CrossFit Supplements

Beta Alanine: Taking this amino acid before workouts can help provide energy and charge up your muscles. By slowing the rate at which lactic acid rises in muscles, beta alanine can delay the soreness that often derails workouts. Getting results from CrossFit is contingent upon pushing yourself through high intensity activities and therefore many of the top CrossFit supplements feature beta alanine as a primary component.

Creatine: It’s the most popular workout supplement ingredient because it works. Creatine is particularly helpful for strength training and weight lifting. For the same reasons (ability to enhance explosive movements), it’s great as a CrossFit supplement. Take it immediately before of after working out for best results.

Whey Protein: Another bodybuilding staple, whey protein is one of the most common supplements you’ll see in a CrossFit gym. It’s extremely helpful for supporting fast muscle recovery. This prevents an exceptionally intense workout from wiping you out, leaving your sore and fatigued. When you quickly refuel, you can get back to an active lifestyle quickly and cut down the time before your next session.

There are a number of other nutrients that are quite helpful for providing an edge in your CrossFit program. Make sure to load up on dietary protein, vitamins (especially D) and other amino acid sources for best outcomes.

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