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Hormones are an incredibly important part of our everyday lives and biological processes. If a woman doesn’t have adequate estrogen, many of the tasks her body should be doing cannot get done. Prominent estrogen in the body is a major part of what actually makes a woman, well, womanly. And, this works the same way for men. Men without adequate testosterone can experience what may feel like a decrease in manliness. What’s more, a man who has low testosterone levels can be unhealthy in many ways, either as a result of low testosterone, or as the cause of the low testosterone. In this article, I’ll just touch on the ways in which having optimal testosterone levels is beneficial to the male body.

Visible Benefits of Testosterone

Most men are familiar with the visible physical benefits of having optimal testosterone in the body. Because testosterone is important for the regulation of insulin and glucose in the body, as well as fat metabolism, men with low testosterone often have trouble controlling their weight. And, as weight gain continues, testosterone levels often drop even more because adipose tissue (fat) converts testosterone into estrogen. On the other hand, men with optimal testosterone levels have a much easier time staying lean.

Most men also already know that testosterone naturally increases muscle mass. Men who have low testosterone levels often experience a significant decrease in the size, definition, and strength of their muscles. Of course, in order to see muscle mass increase with testosterone, one does need to exercise and do strength training. But, all that work will be much more visible and have more impressive results in a man who has the right amount of testosterone.

The last big visible benefit of optimal testosterone is, of course, sexual performance. While testosterone’s role in erectile dysfunction has been played up a little too much (low testosterone is rarely the only cause of erectile dysfunction), a healthy testosterone level can improve libido and help maintain good erections. If you think you have erectile dysfunction and you are experiencing other symptoms of low testosterone, you should talk to your doctor about whether low testosterone might be causing your ED.

Invisible Benefits of Testosterone

Though testosterone has many visible benefits, it has just as many, if not more, invisible benefits. Testosterone is even shown to enhance quality of life. Men who suffer from low testosterone can experience debilitating symptoms such as depression, fatigue, and constant irritability. Studies suggest that this can be improved by raising testosterone levels through treatment. In men, low testosterone can also be a cause of poor bone strength. Testosterone stimulates bone mineralization, and can help prevent osteoporosis. In addition, testosterone may be helpful in promoting heart health, mental health and cognitive ability, competitiveness, and even honesty. Basically, a healthier amount of testosterone in your body usually equates to a healthier you, inside and out.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

If you think that you may be suffering from symptoms of low testosterone, it’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor about your concerns. Low testosterone can be a result of another underlying health issue, so your worries should be brought to a medical professional. Your physician might recommend testosterone replacement therapy, which can improve your testosterone levels and solve many symptoms of low testosterone. You may also benefit from trying testosterone boosting supplements, which may help you build muscle and get more confidence in your sex life. Until you take action, you might never know that you’re missing out on a better life with more testosterone.

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