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Serious Question: Are Steroids Legal In The US?

Have you ever wondered if steroids are legal in the United States? We hope you’re not wondering this because you’re thinking about taking them. Really, steroids aren’t good for you, especially when used to work out-enhancing properties. However, doctors can prescribe steroids in controlled doses for specific ailments. In general, however, the answer to the question Are Steroids Legal In The US is a big, fat, NO. But, why are steroids illegal in this country? In this article, we will cover some of the reasons. And, some of the things you learn will surprise you. 

Many people want to know Are Steroids Legal In The US because the rules aren’t talked about that often. And, it’s not like steroids are as big of a problem right now as some other drug crises. But, steroids still get knocked around a bit, believe it or not. And, what for? If you want to know Are Steroids Legal In The US, you should try looking at other countries that have had tons of problem with these drugs as well. Overall, we just want to give you the best answer for the question Are Steroids Legal In The United States that we can. Because, the more information you know about these dangerous drugs, the better!

Reasons Why: Are Steroids Legal In The US

  1. Physical And Emotional Damage: It seems obvious, but these drugs can do harmful things to people that choose to use them. Anyone who’s ever seen a drug documentary can think of some pretty good reasons for asking: Are Steroids Legal In The US. And, you must feel huge relief to find out that they are not.
  2. Steroids Are Unfair In Athletics: When people use steroids, they are able to build muscle faster. So, this means that people who aren’t using them can’t build muscle as fast. And, this is extremely unfair when it comes to competitive sports. Everything should be fair, right? Let’s recap: When Are Steroids Legal In The US? DEFINITELY not in competitive sports. Can you believe that steroids used to be legal, even in the biggest sporting events of the year?
  3. Two Words: “Roid Rage”- Sometimes the use of steroids can lead to a state called “roid rage.” People who are experiencing this side effect may become aggressive and violent. And, it’s safe to say we’ve already got enough of that in this country. Especially, violence against women.
  4. Side Effect: Back in the day, if someone might have asked Are Steroids Legal In The US, they would have been shocked to hear the horrific side effects. Men can experience acne, hair loss, shrinking testicles, and heart disease. Women who take steroids can also experience side effects including facial hair and infertility. And, none of this sounds very fun.
  5. Regulation: It’s important to remember that steroids are just a drug, which gives another answer to your question: Are Steroids Legal In The US. So, therefore, doctors want to control them. In the next section, we will cover some steroids that are legal under doctor supervision.

These Are Steroids Legal In The U.S.

Some steroids in small, controlled doses are legal in the US.

  1. Testosterone– This substance is usually available with a prescription.
  2. Deca Durabolin– Although it is rare, doctors can also prescribe this drug.
  3. Winstrol– Doctors may prescribe this for hormone imbalances.
  4. Anadrol– Anadrol is a very common form of testosterone. It is often labeled as “mild.” 

So, do you now have a better answer to the question of Are Steroids Legal In The US ? We hope so! And, just know that steroids should NEVER be abused under any circumstance. There are plenty of people who have achieved their muscle goals without steroids. Do you want to see some alternative options to steroids, such as supplements? Then, look at the products below and to the side of this page on our site.

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