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Hair Regrowth In A Bottle?

Losing hair isn’t fun.  I mean, unless you’re into that kind of thing.  But there are companies that bank on that.  When we go to look for hair health support products, we’re confronted with hundreds of products.  These range from “ancient health secrets of the orient” to more mundane nutritional vitamins.  But the gist is that most of them don’t work.  Not even close.  They’re full of all kinds of flattering pictures designed to separate balding men from their wallets.  Now to the matter at hand, is Rejuvalex one of those shady supplements, or something better? 

Rejuvalex sets itself apart, not through using some novel ingredient, but by combining a number of approaches into a systemic supplement.  The ingredients, which we’ll cover later, range from your typical multivitamin ingredients like Vitamin C, to Silica and Biotin.  But does using Rejuvalex Hair Growth Formula actually get you the kind of results that they’re showcasing on their website?  That’s what we’re here to cover today.  But if you’re not the type to read a lot of info, and you’re more in the mood to try it out yourself, there’s a link below that gets you immediate access.  Ready to get started?  Click the image to head to the trial page.


Rejuvalex Hair Growth

Does Rejuvalex Work?

The answer to this question requires a closer look at some of the ingredients they’re using.  The marketing material for Rejuvalex doesn’t include a product label, but we’re providing it right below.

As you can see, the supplement is hitting nearly 100% in the FDA approved supplement ingredients.  But how effective are these in actually causing hair growth, regeneration, etc., that the company is claiming as benefits?  That’s what we’re going to dive into in the next section.

Rejuvalex Ingredients

There’s research ongoing about these ingredients, but some studies aren’t fully representative of the actual effects of that ingredient and its benefits.  Keep that in mind as we start looking at some of these studies.  As an added note, this Rejuvalex ingredient label might be outdated.

  • Vitamin A – This is an interesting one. The research we’re seeing is that using too much Vitamin A can cause issues.  We haven’t seen any research that supports hair growth, strength, or anything like that.  But then again, their advertising material isn’t claiming it does.  If you’re using Vitamin A in another vitamin or supplement, you’ll have to pick one or the other.
  • Vitamin C – Rejuvalex claims that using Vitamin C can help “build collagen” and support “absorption of iron”. This, in turn, is thought to help keep hair strong and healthy.  There is some truth to their claims here, as Vitamin C is thought to provide a role in collagen synthesis.  But as to if that’s affecting hair growth or strength, we’re not sure.
  • Beta Carotene – This one falls into the antioxidant category. Like Vitamin C, it’s considered an antioxidant.  While there is a connection between oxidative stress and hair loss, the proper amount, or the efficacy of using antioxidants for hair loss hasn’t been established.
  • Folic Acid – The company claims that supplemental Folic Acid can “contribute to natural hair growth”. There have been studies on the amount of Folic Acid found in people with hair loss, and those without hair loss, and little has been shown for Folic Acid making a substantial difference either way.  That said, people who have Folate deficiency can experience some other issues.
  • Silica – It was tough to track down information on this one, but we did find one study on silica for hair tensile strength and morphology. In this study, researchers found that oral “intake of ch-OSA had a positive effect on tensile strength including elasticity and break load and resulted in thicker hair.”

So, after looking at the ingredient for Rejuvalex pills, are there any takeaways you should note?  The biggest one for us is that unless you’re suffering hair loss as a result of vitamin deficiency (something your doctor can do tests for) the supplement probably won’t help you.  That said, vitamin deficiency is a fairly common, so you might well be.   If you’re considering using Rejuvalex, talk with your doctor.  They’ll be able to tell you if you should use it, or skip it.

How To Buy Rejuvalex

There are a few different ways to buy Rejuvalex pills.  They’ve decided not to use the trial approach, which is a nice move in our eyes. “Free trials” are hardly every free, and often come packaged with big markups once you’re out of the trial period.  But the way to buy Rejuvalex is a little different.  You can buy everything from a single bottle, to a 5 pack.  The savings are incremental, and if you plan on using Rejuvalex for an extended amount of time, there are some good options.  Let’s go over the pricing details

Rejuvalex Prices

  • 1 Bottle: $56.00
  • 2 Bottles: $89.89
  • 3 Bottles: $110.97
  • 5 Bottles: $149.95

At the five bottle level, you’re saving $26/bottle over the Rejuvalex single bottle pricing. 

Rejuvalex Return Policy and Customer Service

According to the information provided by, we’re seeing the following information for their return policy.  They say the product is “100% guaranteed to mee or exceed your expectations”.  If you aren’t seeing the results you want, then you return your order for your money back, minus shipping.  It’s a fairly standard return policy, but we think it’s a nice show of faith in the product.  There are some details that are sent out with the product that we haven’t seen yet, so for full return instructions you’ll have to reference those  materials.

Rejuvalex Hair Growth Supplement: Final Thoughts

If you’re losing hair, and you want to improve how you look, then Rejuvalex might be a good solution for you.  But then again, it might not be.  Our recommendation is to buy a bottle, talk it over with your doctor, and try it out.  The doctor can probably tell you beforehand if it’s going to help, or not.  Or, you can buy it, try it, and if it doesn’t work you can return it.  Overall, we don’t see anything on with Rejuvalex that warrants negative reviews.  We have a feeling that people didn’t check with their doctors before ordering, which would make the product unlikely to work for them. The only thing that concerns us is that the marketing material might make it seem better than it is.  If you want to check out additional info on Rejuvalex, click the banner to get started.

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