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Does Stress Cause Wrinkles On Your Face?

As we age, there are certain environmental factors that can lead to wrinkles on our skin. These can include smoking, alcohol, lack of sleep, and poor diet. However, there is an old superstition that stress can also lead to wrinkles. But, is this a superstition, or is it true? Well, we wanted to find out Does Stress Cause Wrinkles. Because, we’re stressed alllll the time. And, we certainly don’t want to do anything else to cause wrinkles on our face! Because, let’s be real, it’s hard to get the right sleep and eat the proper diet all the time.

So, when we’re asking Does Stress Cause Wrinkles, what we’re really trying to get to answer is if we can afford to have stress in our lives. It doesn’t seem fair that stress might give you wrinkles, but a lot of things in life aren’t fair! And, we also want to know if there’s a way to prevent wrinkles if at all possible. So, Does Stress Cause Wrinkles? Keep reading to find out. And, if you find yourself feeling stressed along the way, stop reading? No, just kidding. But, if this article is too stressful, you can check out other products and even skin care techniques on the New Review HQ Website!

Part 1: Does Stress Cause Wrinkles

  • All the research shows that stress leads to a build up of cortisol. And, cortisol is one of the main things that wears our bodies down, and this includes creating wrinkles.
  • Stress can also lead us to exercise less and to eat worse, which causes further interest in the question, Does Stress Cause Wrinkles.
  • Cortisol can also contribute to a loss of collagen and elastin. And, anyone who knows anything about wrinkles knows that these are two things your skin NEEDS!
  • Stress might also cause telomeres to shorten. And, when telomeres shorten, this is associated with aging. Does Stress Cause Wrinkles? Well, all the evidence is starting to add up…
  • Lastly, if you want to think about it this way, stress has never done anyone any favors in the past. So, read our next section for some ways to manage stress!

Part 2: How To Prevent Them

  • This is a two-part process. You can A.) prevent stress, and B.) prevent wrinkles. So, how do you prevent stress? Well, if you can’t prevent it, you might want to try to manage it. You can do this by meditating, staying away from caffeine, and carving out time in your day for self-care.
  • Does Stress Cause Wrinkles? Yes. But, there are other things that cause wrinkles, too. And, you can alleviate some of these things by practicing healthy skin care habits. This includes doing things that increase blood flow to your face, like yoga and massage. Also, eating foods that are high in antioxidants. And lastly, keeping your face protected from the sun!

Final Thoughts On Stress And Wrinkles

Basically, the evidence is pretty conclusive that stress causes wrinkles. But, it’s better to know this information so you can protect against it! And, you can also buy products that help target wrinkles! If you want to look around on the New Review HQ page for product offerings for skin, click on the “Beauty” tab.

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