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The Best Weight Loss Apps

Dieting is hard, and we could all use someone in our corner cheering us on and holding us accountable when we slip up and eat that second croissant. Luckily, technology is here for us. If you have smart phone, there are tons of weight loss apps right at your fingertips. If you don’t have a smart phone… seriously?… you don’t have a smart phone. If you don’t have one, we can’t help you, but you’ll probably lose a ton of weight just walking around looking for Blockbuster Video because you’re clearly stuck in the 90s. Today, we’re going to tell you about the Best Weight Loss Motivation Apps!

Just to be clear, we’re going to focus on apps. You’re probably familiar with the ever popular FitBit. We’re not going to count that because the app doesn’t do anything unless you have the device. Since we don’t all have a couple hundred bucks to drop on what’s essentially a glorified pedometer and watch, this list is exclusively for the Best Weight Loss Motivation Apps, not devices.

Lose It!

This is our personal favorite. Lose It! Definitely deservers a spot on ours (or really anyone’s) list of the Best Weight Loss Motivational Apps. It’s an all-in-one weight program that’s tailored for you specifically. AND, there’s a free version! Here are just some of the features:

  • Personalized to Your Height, Weight, and Goals
  • Tracks Food and Exercise
  • Community Board for Motivational Support
  • Connect to Other Weight Loss Apps
  • FREE VERSION – Although there is a premium version that costs money and has access to certain additional features

The user interface is dynamite and you can even scan the barcodes of food to see the caloric content! This app makes weight loss easy, and when it’s easier, you’re more motivated!


This app takes the second spot on our list of the Best Weight Loss Motivation Apps. MyFitnessPal is mostly focused on food rather than exercise. It does have some of the usual workout trackers, but their big selling point is the massive database of food that you can look up to see nutritional content. Here’s some of what this app can do:

  • Log Food
  • Save Recipes
  • Food Diary helps Identify Patterns
  • Community Offers Motivation
  • Available on iOS and Android

If your pretty confident that your workout routine is solid, but you need a little more guidance with meals, this is the app for you!


The third and final app on our list of the Best Weight Loss Motivational Apps is FatSecret. This one is all about community. While it has some of the features of other apps, calorie counters and graphs showing exercise level, it also has one of the most developed and easily accessible communities of all the weight loss apps out there. They embrace a no-person-is-an-island philosophy. Here’s what they offer:

  • Calorie Counter
  • Nutritional Database that Includes Some Restaurants
  • Graphs Show Progress
  • Various Diet-Specific Community Groups

FatSecret recognizes that no one’s weight loss journey is identical, but many are similar. For instance, if you’re using keto as your weight loss solution, this app will connect you with other keto dieters to offer tips, tricks and advice on your journey. You’ll have every FatSecret user behind you supporting you every step of the way as you shed the pounds!

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