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We’ve all been there.  You think you finally have a handle on your junk food cravings.  And, the numbers on the scale are starting to tip in the right direction.  Success!  Right?  Well, suddenly you notice that you’re ravenous, you’re too tired to work out, and the number on the scale is creeping back in the wrong direction.  So, what gives?  Well, if you’re asking yourself why losing weight is so dang hard, you’re not alone.  And, we intend to help you answer that question.  So, keep reading to find out why losing weight is so dang hard, and see what advice we’ve got to help you beat the bulge.


Why Losing Weight Is So Dang Hard: Wrong Motivations


You may not believe it, but your reasons for dropping pounds are just as important as your diet or exercise routine when it comes to success.  Because, if you only want to lose weight to look a certain way, things can get sticky fast.  What happens if you gain muscle as you lose fat, and you don’t achieve a stick-thin look?  In reality, it’s important to understand yourself when you try to understand why losing weight is so dang hard.  Because, losing weight to stay healthy or to feel better about yourself is going to be far more fulfilling and consistent in the long run than just trying to hit a certain clothing size.


So, what’s the best way to combat this reason why losing weight is so dang hard?  We suggest finding something you’re super passionate about.  Like, a new active hobby, or eating vegan (as long as your doctor approves, you’re good to go).  Being passionate about your new lifestyle is one way to stay on-track and actually see results down the road.  It may not pay off super fast like a crash diet, but you’ll be glad that you took a more sustainable route.


Why Losing Weight Is So Dang Hard: Misusing Time


So many people say that they just don’t have time to work out or eat right.  But, if you really think about your life, the chances are that you might be cutting yourself a little too much slack there.  Truly, it’s easy to waste time that you could have used to exercise or make a healthy meal.  Think about what you do when you first wake up.  If it’s scroll through your social media accounts on your phone, then that might be one reason why losing weight is so dang hard for you.  You need to use your time better!


The best way to cross this one off your list of reasons why losing weight is so dang hard is to simply notice when you’re wasting time.  Trust us – unless your full-time job is social media, you’re not going to suffer from spending 20 minutes on your phone versus an hour.  Actually, you might even notice that you’re happier once you have less screen time.  If you’re having trouble putting down the phone, see if you can download an app that monitors how much time you spend on it.  Then, when you’re not looking at your phone, do something active or restorative, like yoga.


Why Losing Weight Is So Dang Hard: Your Body Fights Back


Yes, this is one of the major reasons why losing weight is so dang hard.  Honestly, in the past, being able to store extra pounds was often the difference between life and death.  Unfortunately, those same mechanisms that once prevented humans from starving now keep us from being at a healthy weight.  So, if you’re sure this is why losing weight is so dang hard for you, specifically, make sure you take some precautions before you try to drop pounds.  Firstly, get in touch with a dietitian.  That way, you know you’re aren’t trying something that’s dangerous for the sake of slimming down.  Then, just make sure you go at a good pace.  You’re probably going to mess up your metabolism more if you go on a crash diet.


Still not sure why losing weight is so dang hard?  Check out some of our other articles on weight loss, and don’t forget to read a few of our diet supplement reviews.  Thanks for reading New Review HQ and we hope you come back soon!

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