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Most people have heard about buckwheat, but if you had to make a recipe out of it, could you think of one?  Sure, you may know about buckwheat flour – and that’s a great start.  But, this simple little (nut? grain? seed?) is probably the nutritional powerhouse you never thought it could be.  So, throw everything you know about buckwheat out the window, and let us tell you exactly why buckwheat is good for you.

Buckwheat Is Good For You Because It’s Naturally Gluten Free

Woah, woah, woah.  How could something that contains the word “wheat” in it be gluten free?  Well, the funny thing is that “buckwheat” is kind of a misnomer.  Other cultures opt to call buckwheat “groats,” “kasha,” or “grechka.”  And, the truth is that buckwheat is really a seed grain (the fruit of the buckwheat plant) and not wheat at all.  So, that buckwheat flour you may have heard about is actually a great substitute for regular wheat flours.  And, that means you can still have fluffy, amazing pancakes, courtesy of this little seed.  But, there’s more to buckwheat than just what it DOESN’T have.

Buckwheat Is Good For You Because It’s Nutrient-Dense

Superfoods are cropping up everywhere, it seems.  From kale to blueberries, from quinoa to salmon, you’ve heard about this nutrient-dense foods in some health magazine or another.  Well, you can now add buckwheat to that list.  The truth is that buckwheat is good for you simply because it’s a nutrient powerhouse.  Not only does this seed have manganese, copper, and magnesium (great for metabolism, healthy blood cells, and nerve function), but it also has fiber and protein – important for weight management.  In fact, vegans and vegetarians can find buckwheat as a crucial source of non-meat protein.

The nutrients in buckwheat aren’t just great for vegans, however.  Some studies suggest that buckwheat may even help people manage Type II diabetes, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), and chronic venous insufficiency (yeah, we looked it up, too).  It could also be helpful for strengthen blood capillary walls.  So, not only can you say that buckwheat is good for you, but that buckwheat is great for you.

Buckwheat Is Good For You Because It’s Easy To Use

Sure, buckwheat’s awesome.  But, what can you even make with it?  Well, you can eat them raw, so if you’re on a raw diet, there’s another option for you.  But, they’re also fantastic cooked.  You can boil them until the fibrous outer shell kind of opens up, the way quinoa does when it’s cooking.  Then, just drain them and use them (or eat them straight from a bowl with honey and milk).  Add them to salads, throw them on rich dishes, and give them a shot in a variety of cultural cuisines, especially Russian.  Actually, buckwheat is really good against rich dishes, the way peppercorns taste great on steak or creamy pasta.  If you haven’t tried buckwheat, you definitely need to give it a shot.  Check out some recipes and comment on what you’ve tried!

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