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What Is Refeed Day?

You are here today because you’re curious. Just like we were when we first heard the term “refeed day.” It’s kind of an intimidating word. Like not one feeding is enough and you need to do it again. And that’s kind of how refeeding works. So, What Is A Refeed Day? In this article, we will tell you what refeed days are, show you the benefits, and give you a bunch of other tips. That way, you can get your best possible Refeed Day Keto and muscle burning results. Keep reading to find out the answer to the question, What Is A Refeed Day?

Short Answer

Knowing the answer to What Is Refeed Day can help you to get even better dieting results. And, to answer it simply, refeed day is planning to increase your calorie intake on a particular day. However, you are only increasing your calories. You aren’t necessarily choosing to forgo healthy food choices. Now, why on earth would someone want to increase their calories if they are dieting?

Why Should You Increase Calories?

Dieting generally consists of limiting your calories. But why would you want to increase them to help out your diet results? There are a few emotional and physical perks to doing this. Refeed day could yield benefits by helping you:

  • Reduce Risk for Binge Eating
  • Improve Motivation
  • Boost Testosterone, Dopamine, and Leptin
  • Control Cravings
  • Increase Metabolism

These are just some of the reasons that you might use a refeed day. And while it may seem unbelievable that this could help rather than hinder your diet, it could be incredibly helpful to your weight loss. By knowing What Is A Refeed Day and choosing to use this to splurge on occasion, you could improve your weight loss and Refeed Day Bodybuilding for a few different reasons.

How Does Refeed Day Help?

When you are using a diet to help you lose weight, you get less calories than usual which allows you to lose weight. An effect of this is your leptin levels decrease. Which then causes your metabolism, appetite, motivation, and mood to suffer. When you give your body more calories than it needs, those leptin levels boost and have good effects on fat oxidation, your thyroid, mood, and hormone levels.  The idea behind using a refeed day is to decrease cheat meals because you have something else to look forward to. However, properly using a refeed day can be difficult.

What Are The Difficulties Of Refeed Day?

Increasing your calories while you are on a diet already sounds pretty unbelievable. But, we are going to go a step further and say that it requires a great amount of control. Not everyone is going to get great results with refeed day if they don’t know how to stop themselves. Using one refeed day in a lengthy period can be helpful. But doing it all the time is going to hinder your weight loss. You need to find a happy medium with refeed day to get your best results. Only by doing that will you truly know What Is A Refeed Day and how to use it to your advantage.

Refeed Day Food List

To help you figure out What Is A Refeed Day, we are going to give you a list of things you can incorporate so you know what exactly this phenomenon is. Your Refeed Day Food List should still contain healthy contents, so you can boost your calories the right way. Here’s how to properly use a refeed day:

  1. Figure Out Your Refeed Days
  2. Plan Out Your Refeed Meal Beforehand
  3. Decide On Your Carb Allotment
  4. Increase Carbs
  5. Keep Protein Moderate
  6. Don’t Eat Too Much Fat
  7. Know When To Stop

Refeed Day Macros

When you are trying to figure out What Is A Refeed Day, you might need to track your macros. Basically, this goes a step further than just counting calories. Instead of getting merely the correct amount of calories, try to pick foods that will keep you feeling full and healthy. Your Refeed Day Macros shouldn’t consist of an unhealthy calorie binge. Instead, focus on consuming high calorie levels of decently healthy foods.

Before You Go

That’s what we have to answer your question What Is A Refeed Day! We hope we have helped a little! If you have more questions about getting fit or want some other options to help you out, try reading some of our other articles and product reviews. You might be able to find a product that could help you get even better weight loss results and bigger gains!

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