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Let’s say you want to get into veganism, whether it be for weight control, to protect the animals, or just as a way to save money (and yes, you can save money on a vegan diet).  You probably don’t have the time or know-how to go out and splurge on all the specialty fake meats and cheeses.  Instead, like many vegans, you’d rather figure out the good, whole foods that can get you the farthest.  Take it from a vegan (yes, I’m one of them), the following foods on this list are great in a variety of recipes.  Stock up and go crazy with the most versatile vegan foods.

  1. Cashews

Sorry if you’re allergic to nuts, but cashews are some of the best vegan foods out there.  Not only do they contain some healthy fats, but they are great in a variety of dishes.  Once you figure out exactly how to use them, cashews certainly earn their place on the list of the most versatile vegan foods.  Firstly, you probably want a food processor or some way to blend this little nutty delight.  Then, you can use their texture to add body and creaminess to fake cheesecakes, soups, ethnic dishes, and more.  And, because they’re nuts, they can add crucial protein to your vegan meal plan.

  1. Bananas

Coming in at number 2 on the list of the most versatile vegan foods, we’ve got this delectable tropical fruit.  Not only is this sweet treat awesome in smoothies (its creaminess is the perfect start to a smoothie that doesn’t have yogurt), but it’s great in all kinds of desserts.  In fact, frozen bananas can be blended into an ice cream-like consistency, making what vegans affectionately call “nice cream.”  Plus, bananas are often some of the least expensive fruits at the grocery store.  Grab a bunch and you’ll definitely get all the bang for your buck.

  1. Quinoa

You may be rolling your eyes at this addition to our list, because quinoa definitely gets its reputation as a health food.  But, it earns its spot on the most versatile vegan foods list because it’s a nutrient powerhouse.  Quinoa is what some call a “super grain” because it has a ton of protein, fiber, iron, Riboflavin, manganese, magnesium, and more.  Plus, if you’re looking to substitute something for ground beef, this is it.  You can sculpt quinoa into veggie burgers, you can add it to chili, or even use it as taco meat.  Plus, in its dry form, it’ll last ages in your pantry.

  1. Spinach

Hear us out.  Just because spinach is one of those leafy greens doesn’t mean it doesn’t deserve a much-loved place as one of the most versatile vegan foods.  And, even if you shy away from a lot of vegetables, spinach is probably one of the best ones out there.  Its flavor is extremely palatable, especially in comparison to bitter greens.  Also, it makes a great addition to smoothies, soups, vegetable pies, stir fries…the list goes on.  Spinach is rich in iron and other great nutrients, and if you’re careful, it can last quite a while in your refrigerator.  So, stock up on spinach and see just how far this green can take you.

  1. Oats

Sure, vegans enjoy a mean bowl of oatmeal.  But, there’s a lot more to be done with this little grain than just breakfast food.  Put it in cookies, cake, and even some savory dishes to keep things on the high-fiber side.  And, if you’re into DIY, you can definitely use it to make some animal-friendly face and body scrubs.  You can even pop a handful into some cheesecloth and throw it into the bath for ultra-softening water.  It’s no wonder no vegan’s pantry is complete without a bag of these beauties.


Obviously, going vegan is an intensely personal thing.  And, your diet shouldn’t just be a copy of someone else’s.  However, if you’re trying to figure out some staples that you should absolutely have, this list is a great place to start.  Thanks for reading, and be sure to check in again soon for some more tips and tricks!

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