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So, you work in an office.  First of all, congratulations on being employed!  You may not be dragging in the big bucks, but you’re still bringing in money for yourself (and anyone else you’re in charge of).  But, there are certainly downsides to nabbing that steady paycheck.  First of all, the chances that you get to see the great outdoors more than at sunrise and sunset could be pretty slim.  But, the worst part might be that you sit down all day.  Did you know that it can actually be bad for your health to work at a desk?  The good news is that there are some things you can do to help the problem.  These are our tips for staying in shape with an office job.

Staying in Shape with an Office Job: Plan Food Ahead

It may seem like a good idea to eat whatever is available at your office cafeteria.  Or, some days you might even be tempted to just pop a few bucks in the vending machine.  But, eating animal crackers like a fourth grader isn’t the best way to keep yourself fighting fit.  That’s why the first tip for staying in shape with an office job is simply packing your food ahead of time.  Because, you can be sure that you’re eating what YOU want to eat, instead of what’s simply there.  This is also a great plan if you have dietary restrictions.  Of course, some offices provide lunches for their employees (we’re jealous).  If this is the case, ask the person in charge or ordering lunches to send out a weekly schedule in advance.  That way, you can take advantage of the healthier options while packing a lunch on the days it’s just takeout.

Staying in Shape with an Office Job: Set A Stretch Timer

We’ve heard that standing up for five minutes every hour is a magic number, but in reality, you should get up as often as you feel is appropriate for your workplace.  The key to following this tip for staying in shape with an office job, of however, is making sure to keep a schedule.  Set a timer on your computer or phone to go off at even intervals, like every 25 minutes or every 55 minutes.  Then, you can take a few minutes to stand up, go to the bathroom, fill up your water bottle, or stretch.  You could even do a few goes up and down the stairs.  It seems like a little thing, but it could make a huge difference in your focus and even your productivity.

Staying in Shape with an Office Job: Schedule Your Workouts

One nice thing about an office job is that you probably have regular hours.  And, that means you should have no problem setting up regular gym hours, too.  Sign up for fitness classes or make plans with your friends to go walking in the evenings.  Staying in shape with an office job doesn’t just have to happen in the office!  Truly, everything is about balance.  So, find the little ways in which you can make the best of your situation.

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