Reasons To Try Gymnastics As An Adult 5/5 (1)

We know what you’re thinking.  (Probably, that we couldn’t PAY you to try adult gymnastics.)  But, there is a lot to be said for trying gymnastics as an adult.  In general, people consider that gymnastics is an activity that only children should attempt.  And, we’re sure it’s because doing competitive gymnastics requires you to be quite bendy.  Unfortunately, adults just aren’t as flexible as children tend to be.  And, that’s just because children tend to be a lot more elastic – physiologically – than adults are.  Even the most flexible adults physically can’t be as flexible as they could be as children.

But, you shouldn’t pass up gymnastics as an adult as a possibility.  Because, there is a lot more to gymnastics than just flipping around or doing Olympic-style performances.  Actually, even those adults who consider themselves fairly weak can still improve their bodies by learning some simple tenets of gymnastics.  So, why not find a local gym that’s doing classes, and get into the adult gymnastics scene?  After all, there’s a lot to gain from hopping into gymnastics as an adult.

Benefits Of Doing Gymnastics As An Adult

Understand that this is a very short list – because there are tons of benefits.  Honestly, if you think it’s cool to be able to do flips or stand on your hands, then just imagine how awesome it will feel if YOU can do those things.  Yay, doing gymnastics as an adult!

You could have more coordination.  Balance and muscle tone are important for coordination.  And, gymnastics can address both of those things.  If you frequently trip and fall down, taking gymnastics as an adult might help.  Plus, gymnastics can help you be more flexible, which can save you from injury in serious accidents.

It could make you less timid.  Maybe, you never did gymnastics as a kid because it looked terrifying.  And, if you find yourself turning down opportunities now because they’re scary – you may need a little push.  Gymnastics doesn’t leave a lot of room for fear.  When you’re flying upside down, you have to trust that your body will remember what it has to do.  And, being able to do terrifying things is an important skill.

It’s super fun.  Honestly, jumping around, flipping, swinging from bars, climbing ropes, and balancing on slim objects is the epitome of a playground experience.  And, rediscovering your inner kid is a major reason to pick up gymnastics as an adult.

Cautions Of Doing Gymnastics As An Adult

Don’t overwork yourself.  Like we said at the very beginning, adults just aren’t as bendy as kids.  And, that means you shouldn’t try to do some of the insane things that kids do in gymnastics.  Doing gymnastics as an adult should be about improving yourself.  Not about beating your kid’s record.

Do pay attention to your body.  If you’re trying to stretch a certain way and your whole body is screaming that it’s not a good idea…then it’s not a good idea.  So, you may need to realize that your body is doing its best and you need to be patient with it.  Any progress is good progress – no need to jump the gun.

Ask your doctor if you have concerns.  You always hear that you should talk to your doctor before starting any new diet or exercise routine.  Pish posh, right?  (Who even does that?)  But, if you have some reason to think that gymnastics as an adult may not work for you, check with your doctor.  She can give you insight on what exercises to avoid and which ones get the green light.

Gymnastics As An Adult: The Conclusion

If you have access to an experienced teacher, a safe gym environment, and proper training for your ability…GO FOR IT.  You might just realize that it’s your new favorite hobby.  Or, at the very least, you could get to touching your toes again and get a great workout doing it.  So, swallow that fear and see what’s behind gymnastics as an adult.  You may just absolutely love it.

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