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It may sound like an outdated medicine, but tinctures are great vehicles for natural and herbal medicines. Today we’ll be discussing the convergence of two major natural health trends, the Pure CBD Tincture. This type of product is taking advantage of one of the most popular natural health trends of today, CBD or Cannabidiol, and creating a tincture out of it for faster results and more efficient use. In this article, we’ll not only talk about the health benefits of CBD, but we’ll also discuss how to make a DIY tincture and why you should! Tinctures are fun to make, easy to use, and are also the most effective means of using an herbal extract for your health. First we’ll discuss tinctures.

What Is A Tincture?

Basically, a tincture is some kind of herb extract—in this case we have the cannabis compound CBD—that has been soaked in high proof alcohol for an extended period of time. So why do you soak and herb in alcohol instead of just ingesting the herb? Good question! Alcohol intensifies the concentration of the herb’s health benefits and increases the rate of bodily absorption. People generally use tinctures with a dropper that fills with the liquid, then it’s taken under the tongue (sublingually). This is so the tincture can absorb quickly into the blood stream via arteries beneath the tongue. Another great reason to use a tincture is because it’s a safer alternative. If you think about the other vehicles for cannabis like inhalation, a Pure CBD Tincture is by far the safer choice!

What Are The Health Benefits of CBD?

The phrase Pure CBD Tincture is being used deliberately because there are many “CBD” products out there that use only a nominal amount of CBD and try to pass it off as a CBD health product. What are the actual health benefits of Pure CBD? There are many articles circulating about the various health issues that CBD aids, including anxiety, pain, and sleep. These are the main reasons people use CBD. In fact, most CBD products appear as a Pure CBD Tincture for easy and effective use. Things like anxiety, sleep, and chronic pain are discussed frequently, but there are far more important possible health benefits that are not as obvious.

CBD And Neuroprotection

It is widely known now, but CBD came on the scene as a particularly exciting cannabinoid because of its antioxidant and neuroprotective capacity. What does this mean exactly? The word “antioxidant” gets thrown around a lot, but what is an antioxidant. Don’t feel stupid. Most people who talk about them don’t know what they are. An antioxidant is essential for maintaining health and biology. It’s a natural substance that inhibits oxidation. Oxidation is a chemical reaction that creates free radicals, which causes damage to cells, including brain cells. Oxidation can cause neural damage, but some studies suggest that CBD may be used as therapy for brain injuries,  spinal diseases, and neuro-degenerative ilnesses.

DIY Pure CBD Tincture

Before you go run off to throw a bag of your favorite bud with a bottle of Old Crow, let’s go over some basics so you do this right. First of all, you need a very strong alcohol, so your typical drinking liquors won’t be sufficient. Get something that is 160 or 190 proof, and do NOT use rubbing alcohol. Additionally, you will have to bake the plant material. Look for further directions on this portion. Then place the baked plant material in the mason jar of the high-proof alcohol and shake for a few minutes. Finally filter out the plant material and place the jar in a cool dark place. Tinctures are best used with a dropper to administer a small amount of liquid under the tongue. A Pure CBD Tincture is a great non-smoke alternative for CBD relief!

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