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With so many supplements on the market specifically targeted at helping you lose weight, it can be difficult to decide which one is right for you.  In this short guide, we’ll be talking about how how to pick the right diet supplement, or even help you decide if you need one at all!  

Why Use a Dietary Supplement? 

The first thing to consider when you’re deciding on a supplement is why you’re doing it.  What goals do you have?  Try to be more specific than losing weight.  Do you want to burn fat from specific areas?  Maybe you want something that is more generally effective.  Or maybe you want a supplement more geared toward appetite suppression.  When you decide on which qualities you want, it’s a lot easier to narrow down your choices.  

How to Pick the Right Diet Supplement | Passive vs Active

While there are a ton of ways to classify dietary Supplements, when you’re learning how to pick the right diet supplement, it’s easier to separate them into two categories; passive, and active.  Passive weight loss supplements don’t have a direct impact on the metabolism, while active weight loss supplements do.  While the vast majority of supplements fall into the active category, passive supplements are a great way to get results without effecting the metabolism in strange ways.  

Popular Passive Supplement Ingredients:

  • Garcinia Cambogia
  • Forskolin Extract
  • Raspberry Ketones
  • Conjugated Lineolic Acid
  • Chromium
  • Green Coffee Bean Extract

Active weight loss ingredients, on the other hand, are designed to augment the metabolism, or burning of food and fat to energy for the body.  This is done to increase the amount of energy burned, and in some cases, targeted burning of energy from fat.  The most popular sub category of active ingredients is the “thermogenic”.  Thermogenics  are basically used to generate heat in the body, which in turn trick the body into thinking it’s time to start burning a bunch of calories to keep up with the added exertion.  These thermogenics include weight loss favorites like Green Tea Extract, Caffeine, Ginseng, and even capsicum (the chemical that makes spicy food spicy!) 

Popular Active Supplement Ingredients

How To Pick The Right Diet Supplement | Free Trial vs Direct Sale

One of the absolute fastest growing trends in weight loss supplements right now is the “free” trial.  It’s not just in dietary supplements, either.  Keep your ears open sometime while watching television commercials.  Whenever you hear “just pay shipping”, you’re hearing the trademark phrase of a trial program.  These companies count on people signing up and then forgetting to cancel their trial.  At that point, they send a full retail price product until the user cancels.  We’re not particularly fond of trials, but in some cases they can be ok, or even a necessary evil.  We definitely prefer our products to be available for direct sale.  Even though it’s a little bit more of an investment, it’s far less complicated.  There’s no keeping track of contact information or trial period dates, just a simple one time transaction.  Bonus points if you can find a direct sales method with a money back guarantee.  

How To Pick The Right Diet Supplement | Personal Health

The last, and biggest piece of advice we have for anybody learning  how to pick the right diet supplement is to always consult with your physician.  Some supplements can interfere with certain medications, even if they’re herbal or natural.  That’s especially true for supplements that contain stimulants like caffeine.   So always check with your Doctor before starting a new program.   Thanks for reading our article on how to pick the right diet supplement.  We have a ton of reviews here on the site of all kinds of weight loss supplements, so be sure to check them out by visiting the homepage, or by selecting the category you want on the menu!



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