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There’s nothing quite like coming home after a long day at the office and pouring yourself a glass of wine.  Of course, some people prefer not to drink, but if you do like to, you want to know that you’re not absolutely killing your health by doing so.  The good news is that there may be even more of a reason to pop the cork on a bottle of red wine these days.  Could you actually be drinking red wine for weight loss?  The theory isn’t as crazy as you think.

Drinking Red Wine For Weight Loss: The Theory

How could drinking alcohol help you lose weight?  After all, alcohol has quite a bit of calories.  And, as you probably know, taking in more calories than you put out is one of the most basic ways to put on extra poundage.  However, we also know that “a calorie is a calorie” is not quite true.  After all, you never thought that eating 100 calories of cake was equal to eating 100 calories of broccoli, right?  So, what if there could be a benefit to drinking red wine for weight loss?  Well, we might need to consider that red wine contains antioxidants, such as quercetin, which may be able to lower LDL cholesterol (the bad kind).  So, maybe the calories in red wine aren’t as bad as other calories.  Let’s dive in a little deeper.

Drinking Red Wine For Weight Loss: The Benefits

Studies on rats drinking red wine for weight loss popped up over a decade ago, and even these preliminary findings suggested that moderate amounts of red wine could prevent the increase of body weight.  However, the much more intriguing study came out of Harvard and tracked almost 20,000 women for over 12 years.  It seems that women who drank around two glasses of alcohol daily had less of a chance of becoming overweight over that time.  Red wine showed the most potential for controlling weight.  So, many of these women may have been drinking red wine for weight loss, without even realizing it.

The tricky thing here is that scientists are still not 100% sure on what makes drinking red wine for weight loss successful.  Some people attribute the benefits to an antioxidant called polyphenol resveratrol.  And, the theory goes that resveratrol converts white fat to brown fat, which burns lipids faster.  However, that was on a study done in rats and may not be a good model for humans.  So, it’s still a little unclear why it works.

Drinking Red Wine For Weight Loss: The Downsides

Of course, drinking too much alcohol is not good for your health.  And, it would be a mistake to load up on the calories in wine and avoid eating other important food groups, like vegetables or fruit (not in its fermented form).  Plus, alcohol itself can eventually damage your liver and other organ function, especially if you’re binging frequently.  And, some people get headaches from over-indulging on red wine.  So, if you are drinking red wine for weight loss, it’s important to keep your intake moderate.  Two servings a day is definitely enough.

Drinking Red Wine For Weight Loss: The Conclusion

We wouldn’t recommend foregoing your normal diet and exercise just to start drinking red wine for weight loss.  Instead, we would say that if you choose to adopt this method, you add it to whatever you’re already doing.  And, don’t think about it as a way to drop pounds significantly.  Rather, imagine it as a relatively guilt-free way to indulge after a long day.

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