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You probably know that a little rosemary can liven up any hearty recipe.  But, did you know that rosemary has a long history of symbolism and medicinal use?  Even Ophelia in Hamlet quoted, “There’s rosemary; that’s for remembrance.”  And, indeed, rosemary has long had cultural significance as an herb of mourning and remembering loved ones.  But, that’s not what we’re here for today.  Today, we’re going to ask the question, How can you use rosemary…but not just for cooking – for health!

Truly, rosemary has a lot of great qualities.  Its Latin name is pretty cool, for one.  Botanists call it Rosmarinus officinalis, which sounds a lot like it’s the original health remedy.  And, sure enough, it’s been used for everything from boosting memory to warding off the bubonic plague (not sure how that one worked out).  But, this delectable, edible herb is now a common method for keeping away the aches and pains via internal use.  So, here’s to answering the question, “How can you use rosemary?”  Let’s get into it.

Skin Infections

Oh yes, we’re going to start with the nitty gritty.  Sure, no one really wants to talk about skin infections,  but they definitely exist.  But, the cool thing is that rosemary can actually help inhibit some of the nasty bacteria and fungi that cause skin infections, such as Staphylococcus aureus.  So, how do you use it?

Well, this is one of those times when you don’t want to ingest the fragrant herb.  If you pop about 10-20 drops of rosemary essential oil into 1 cup of liquid castile soap (unscented, pure, all the good stuff), you can put it into a soap dispenser and use it as an alternative to antibacterial soap.  Or, you can reduce dandruff by making a rosemary tea and then pouring it on your head after a wash (let it sit for two minutes, then rinse).  Rosemary can even be an effective remedy against lice with the right recipe.

Muscle Pain And Joint Issues

So, now how can you use rosemary against problems that seem so deep in your body you couldn’t get them out if you tried?  The good news is that it’s easier than you think.  Some stores even sell creams and ointments that contain rosemary extract.  And, you can rub them straight on your sore muscles and joints.  (Never use undiluted essential oil on your skin.)  Of course, you can make your own rub salve, too.

Put 2 drops of rosemary essential oil, 1 drop of eucalyptus oil, and 1 drop of lavender oil into a base oil (grapeseed or sweet almond will do).  Then, rub it on your muscles and joints.  It actually makes a great pre-workout routine.  Of course, if you’re looking to double your comfort, then adding 5-10 drops of rosemary essential oil to a bath is one way to get a soothing soak.  Make a mini one for your feet if it’s just your tootsies that are giving you a hard time.


So, Ophelia was onto something.  How can you use rosemary against your memory escaping you?  Well, some studies may suggest that inhaling the scent of rosemary for a few minutes can drop anxiety and help increase focus.  So, you can always diffuse some rosemary essential oil when you’re studying next time.  Or, try rosemary tea during your next cram session.  Rosemary essential oil on a cotton ball may even help you stay alert when you hold it under your nose.

Not every herb in on your spice rack is a stunner.  But, you may be surprised at how many are harboring secret lives as medicinal powerhouses.  So, the next time you’ve had a hard day, try skipping the non-essential OTC meds and head to your herb garden instead.  You may just feel better, naturally!

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