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There has been a lot of discussion and writing around this question. It is important to understand that a lot of conclusions made about this topic are hypothetical. Many researchers are still doing work in this area, and many benefits are considered, though few are substantiated at the moment. In this article, I will discuss brain supplement options, their safety, and effectiveness in relation to other methods.

Will A Brain Supplement Make Me Smarter?

What a loaded question!  It’s hard to quantify intelligence.  Even the old IQ test has a lot of criticism.  So when a supplement claims to actively make you smarter, it’s not really that accurate.  It might give you the tools to speed up or improve certain processes, but only if you’re deficient in those corresponding areas.

What Is A Brain Supplement?

If you do a general search on the internet, you are bound to find millions of search results and hundreds of products. The goal of a brain supplement is to improve concentration, retention rates, brain function, memory, and a litany of other things. As you can see, these are problems that nearly everyone struggles with, so it’s no wonder that there is a market for brain supplements. The question, however, is whether or not they are effective and useful.

Brain Supplement Ingredients

There are some common ingredients found in brain supplements. So even if you see a hundred different brain supplement brands, check the ingredients listed on the back. They may just be common vitamins that are repackaged for this particular market. That being said, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Ginko biloba, and B 12 are all perfectly safe to take. But doctors are clear when they say there is a lack of evidence to support the assertion that these vitamins will improve brain function. For example, ginkgo biloba is a favorite of the “memory-enhancing” ingredients, but clinical trials have failed to prove that it actually improves brain function or memory.

Safety And Brain Supplements

Whenever trying out supplements, it’s important to do your research. That is, if you want to improve concentration or memory or “intelligence,” you certainly don’t want to hurt another part of your body. Vitamin E, for instance, is one of the most common ingredients used for brain enhancing supplements. High doses of it, though, are risky for those who have heart problems. Researchers have also found that people who take extremely large amounts of it are at a higher risk for prostate cancer. Other ingredients like gingko biloba and fish oil may thin blood, so taking them with another anticoagulant could increase bleeding and bruising.

Should I Try A Brain Supplement?

The short answer to this question is this: it’s up to you. With some of these supplements, you really have nothing to lose. Vitamins that are found in some of these brain supplements, for example, are found in food you eat on a daily basis. Keep in mind that many, if not all, of these brain supplements avoid testing with the FDA because of loopholes. This means that the manufacturers of these capsules can pretty much claim whatever they please on the label without much regulation. The fact that there has been quite of research on these kinds of supplements without any substantial proof that they contribute anything to higher brain function likely means that no, a brain supplement will not make you smarter. A doctor would probably recommend diet and exercise before any supplement. They are clear in saying that exercising is necessary for healthy brain function and staving off cognitive decline

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