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Have you seen the movie (or the corresponding TV show) Limitless? It follows the story of a man who starts taking a pill that vastly increases his brain power and mental capacity. Suddenly, he is dominating work and social interactions, climbing the corporate ladder and greatly improving his societal standing. The subject is one that resonates because it’s something that many of us would love to uncover in our real lives. Imagine if you could simply swallow a pill and suddenly make monumental gains in focus and concentration. How much more productive could you be? How much more quickly could you get things done? Hey, that show is fictional for a reason and no real-life product is going to have such an effect. But legal smart drugs are very real and they can certainly provide a distinct cognitive edge.

The other common name for legal smart drugs is nootropics. This category differs from the pharmaceutical options in that they are herbal in composition, require no prescription, and lack most of the prevalent side effects. It is the fastest growing area of dietary supplements, simply because it carries benefits that can apply to just about anyone. Only a certain segment of individuals are on the lookout for products that can help them lose weight, or erase wrinkles, or build muscle. But boosting brain function? That’s something pretty much anyone can get on board with. Nootropics have a number of advantages that make them appealing to most folks.

How Legal Smart Drugs Work

Rather than relying upon synthetic ingredients or compounds formulated in a lab, nootropics utilize natural herbal components. Studies reinforce the efficacy of these properties toward positive influencing brain function. The distinct mechanisms vary depending upon the ingredient and purpose, but there are some commonalities. Many of these supplements work to increase blood flow to the brain. When your central command center is receiving a steadier flow of nutrients and oxygen, it operates better. Of course, any time you’re consuming something that interacts with the brain, you’re running the risk for some troublesome adverse reactions. Therein lies the beauty of nootropics, because they are very natural in their impact.

Types of Legal Smart Drugs

Different brain supplements work toward different purposes. The most common type is a simple focus enhancer. These products usually work to stimulate mental energy, delivering a boost similar to that of caffeine. If you find the cup of joe in the morning helps perk you up and get you going, then you will likely enjoy the herbal effects of legal smart drugs. Another frequent use is for enhancing memory. Those who struggle with quickly recalling details appreciate the synapse-strengthening effects. And finally, there are many nootropics that serve as herbal anxiety and stress relievers.

Now, to be transparent, while nootropics are safer and more accessible than prescriptions, they don’t necessarily work the same. Chemically concocted smart pills have a greater rate of efficacy because they are specifically designed for it. But they are also illegal without prescriptions, and can be habit-forming. If you are looking for a healthy brain boost, nootropics and legal smart drugs are at the very least a good place to start.

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