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Most people struggle dealing with challenging mental work at some point in their lives. Whether it’s a problem with concentration or memory, it can be extremely frustrating to feel that a task is mentally beyond your ability. Ample sleep, a healthy diet, and plenty of exercise are often helpful in achieving better cognitive function. But, these goals are not always achievable. Many people turn to nootropics (drugs meant to help with memory or mental function) to cope. But, it’s necessary to be very careful when opting for supplements to fix any problem. Just as with any other type of drug use, it’s important to pay attention to the common side effects of using nootropics.

Common Side Effects of Using Nootropics

It can be intimidating to face what seems like declining cognitive function at any age. And, the Internet is crawling with supplements that claim to boost your mental performance. Often, these supplements are offering more benefits than they can really produce. Synthetic ingredients can be risky and cause more harm than good. On the other hand, there are natural and helpful nootropic ingredients that can really benefit someone looking to improve their cognitive function. Basically, depending on what is in the supplement, the side effects can vary.

Physical Side Effects of Nootropics

It may seem counter-intuitive, but often with nootropics the most prominent side effects are actually physical, not mental. According to WebMD, some nootropics can cause gastrointestinal irregularity and other problems in the digestive system, such as stomach cramps and nausea. Dry mouth and fatigue are also possible side effects of using nootropics. However, most of these effects can be avoided if you are consuming only all-natural formulas and taking the supplements as directed. Other major side effects, such as ulcers or urinary tract obstruction, are usually only a concern when there is a preexisting condition. So, as long as you are otherwise healthy, you should be able to take natural nootropics without experiencing any negative effects.

Mental Side Effects of Nootropics

Just as with any perceived health function, there are people who attempt to treat themselves to achieve a better mental state. STAT News labels these ambitious almost-chemists “brain-hackers” because they often come up with new combinations of natural and synthetic ingredients to give them a mental edge. Of course, most of these brain-hackers have not extensively researched what they’re consuming and are not trained to prescribe themselves these drugs. Experts suggest that these kitchen chemists could see short-term benefits but be wreaking damage on their brains, which could result in neurologically-caused muscle spasms and mental fogginess. Essentially, using your own brain to test out chemical cocktails is an unwise decision.

Short-Term Effects of Nootropics

With the current amount of information known about nootropics, most of the side effects associated with nootropics seem to be brief. As long as those who choose to use these brain-boosters stick to the recommended dosages and to natural, scientifically-formulated versions, any negative effects should be short-term. If negative side effects do arise, just be sure to discontinue use in case your body does not react well with one of the ingredients in the formula. And, as with any supplement you take, be sure to read the instructions.

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