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Within the field of nootropics and natural cognitive enhancers, L theanine is certainly one of the most intriguing and attention-grabbing ingredients. This amino acid carries some unique effects in terms of impact on brain function. This owes to its structural similarity to an excitatory neurotransmitter. The known benefits of this property make it a popular ingredient in teas as well as supplements. And while it is generally recognized as safe for human use, there are reservations in some circles regarding the extens of its potential reactions. So, are there L theanine side effects you should have concerns about when considering the use of this amino acid?

What L Theanine Does

This naturally occurring substance comes mostly from plant and fungal species, and was initially discovered as a component of green tea in the mid-1900s. There are a number of different L theanine health benefits, spanning several measures. Studies suggest positive effects on liver function — possibly helping to counteract the damage alcohol causes. It also can improve weight loss efforts and reduce fat accumulation, making green tea a popular and advisable diet staple. But it is certainly the cognitive benefits that make it most appealing.

L theanine posses the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier intact, enabling it to deliver direct efficacy upon several aspects of mental function. Among the most prominent L theanine brain benefits are its ability to help reduce stress, improve focus, lift mood and strengthen cognitive performance. It works particularly well in conjunction with caffeine, offering gently stimulating effects that help people hone in on tasks. Many find that drinking green tea helps them settle into a productive state, especially during the morning when getting on track can prove difficult. Its ability to offer relaxing effects without causing drowsiness is one that many people can appreciate and benefit from.

But everything you put into your body is bound to possess both good and bad qualities. What are the L theanine side effects?

L Theanine Side Effects

The most common L theanine side effects are similar to other caffeine and stimulant side effects, which are generally mild. Occasionally, people can experience headaches and dizziness. There are also occasional gastrointestinal symptoms like stomach aches or indigestion, but these are quite rare in nature. It is worth noting that the German Federal Institute for Risk Assessment objected using isolated theanine in beverages. However, this seems to tie more to a lack of research than any significant findings of harm or danger.

As far as interactions with other drugs or ingredients, none have been substantially reported. It lacks toxicities and tends to evade the habit-forming qualities of substances such as caffeine. Due to its herbal basis, L theanine is unlikely to cause the kinds of adverse reactions that synthetic or artifical chemicals with similar aims can carry.

For the most part, L theanine is a safe and effective nootropic property that can deliver some real brain benefits. Try it out as a caffeine alternative for energy and see how it works out for you.

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