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Public health researchers are finding that sleep disorders are more prevalent than ever. Sleep-related health issues are widespread, as is the search for treatment. Whether it’s short sleep duration, insomnia, sleep apnea, or any other sleep problem, this can cause lots of health problems in the short and long terms. This article will cover a recent interest in the relation between cannabidiol and sleep disorders. In the search for sleep cures, natural products are becoming more viable options. Prescription drugs are far too common in the case of sleep disorders so many people are seeking other options. CBD is one of these new products that is being experimented with in relation to sleep.

The Problem Of Insomnia

Though we all experience insomnia at some point in our life for a short term, others struggle with insomnia for longer periods. Stress and medical conditions can be causes for insomnia, but that is for a different article. Many health problems arise from insomnia and other sleep problems. Anxiety can be both a cause and a result of insomnia, as can depression. Obesity is sometimes related as is high blood pressure, poor immunity, and heart disease. The seriousness of these conditions should lead us to consider the possible benefits of CBD Oil!

What Is Cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol sounds like it might not be so legal, but don’t worry. Cannabidiol, though from the same plant as THC, is a different chemical compound. It is non-psychoactive, which is why it’s safe and legal to use. For a long time we have known about the health benefits of cannabis, but now these benefits are finally available to the public without any of the side effects. It can affect everything from inflammation, pain, anxiety, psychosis, and other neurological conditions. It works by acting on the endocannabinoid receptors in your body that regulate some of these functions.

CBD Oil For Sleep?

Unfortunately for insomniacs, anxiety is both a cause and effect of this disorder. This means that the anxiety produced by insomnia also contributes to further anxiety and further sleep depravity. Luckily CBD oil shows some promise for better sleep patterns, if you’re willing to try yet another sleep product. CBD can affect sleep positively because its chemical compound is essential anxiety-reducing. There is still further research to be done in this area, of course, but CBD does show promise in helping subjects get to sleep faster, stay asleep longer, and reducing the sleep prohibiting anxiety.

Other CBD Benefits

One of the other problems that people face, which further contributes to sleep problems, is chronic pain. CBD oil has been known to reduce pain as well, giving you more balance and rest. CBD Sleep decreases REM sleep, which is actually a good thing, believe it or not. By reducing REM sleep you can improve memory, relieve symptoms of depression, and get restful sleep.

Hopefully nothing derails the studies on CBD if this is the case. By improving your duration and quality of sleep, CBD can also increase dopamine levels, which will keep you from tossing and turning. Naturally regulated sleep patterns can help those with chronic fatigue. Many people experience sleep issues due to stress, anxiety, lifestyle, hormonal imbalances, and prescription medications. While the incipient results of CBD show positive sleep benefits, some of the issues that keep you from sleeping well should be seriously dealt with by medical professionals as well.

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