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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve heard of cannabis.  It’s a tall plant with a lot of uses.  After all, you can use it to make hemp fiber (including paper, clothing, and more).  And, it of course is the plant that has been demonized for many years due to its psychoactive effects as recreational marijuana.  But, recently there has been a huge spike in medicinal cannabis use and, what’s more, the isolation of a certain part of the plant known as cannabidiol for medical use.  In fact, cannabidiol (CBD) pills have been making the rounds in pain management especially.  But, there is one question on everyone’s mind: Does CBD get you high?  The answer may surprise you.

Does CBD Get You High: The Confusion

The reason the question “Does CBD get you high?” is everywhere is pretty simple.  Cannabis, from which CBD comes, has psychoactive effects.  So, basically this plant can trigger relaxation and sometimes even euphoria.  This is one of the reasons why cannabis is a hugely popular recreational drug, especially in the United States.  But, these effects stem from cannabis’ main psychoactive compound, which is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).  Other psychoactive effects, including a boost in heart rate and those dreaded “munchies” (an increase in hunger), come from THC, too.  When recreational marijuana contains a lot of THC, it can cause anxiety and paranoia.  So, cannabis certainly gets quite the reputation.  Certainly, the general concern behind the question “Does CBD get you high?” is not unfounded.

Does CBD Get You High: The Short Answer

If we just want to answer the question “Does CBD get you high?” the short answer is going to be a resounding “no.”  CBD is a separate substance within cannabis, and it is not a psychotropic by itself.  And, its effects are actually the opposite of what you get from THC.  In fact, CBD is the substance in cannabis that prevents high anxiety levels that THC can cause on its own.  Therefore, using CBD should have no adverse effects on you.  Although, some people reported a mild stimulant effect, almost similar to that of caffeine.  All the same, you can be sure that CBD, on its own, won’t cause you to get high.

Does CBD Get You High: The Extra Answer

Before you think that CBD is the answer to being able to use marijuana without adverse effects, you should know that recreational drug use is not an exact science.  And, if you’re looking to use CBD pills as a solution to certain illness, you don’t necessarily want to combine them with other substances.  So, you shouldn’t use CBD pills in an effort to counteract the effects of recreational drug use.

Should You Use CBD?

If you’re wondering whether CBD, in a supplement form or in an oil, is right for you, you should consult your doctor.  Medical marijuana use is on the rise, as is the use of its constituent cannabinoids, like CBD.  So, if you’re hoping that CBD pills could be the answer to your problems, you could have good chances.  More and more supplements are coming out every day that offer CBD as a solution to every day maladies, such as chronic pain and anxiety.  And, if you’re stilling pondering the question, “Does CBD get you high?” your doctor should be able to shed more light on the subject.

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