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While there isn’t a known cause of Alzheimer’s, there are some foods that can increase your risk for it over time. And, if you remove these certain foods from your diet in your old age, you may reduce your risk for Alzheimer’s. But, this obviously isn’t a surefire way to not get this disease. This disease affects millions of people in the world every year, and experts are still looking for a case. And, since the majority of cases seem to be caused by genetics, eating a perfect diet won’t do much, but you can reduce your risk.  So, can your diet cause Alzheimer’s Disease?  Possibly.

Can Your Diet Cause Alzheimer’s Disease?

Our brain is a complex organ that needs fuel to work, just like the rest of our bodies. So, you need to eat a diet of healthy fats, fruits, vegetables, lean protein, and enough vitamins and minerals. On the other hand, if you just eat complex carbohydrates like white bread, pastas, and sugary breakfast cereals, these can add up over time in your body. Because, complex carbohydrates and sugar actually make the body produce toxins if you eat too many of them. And, these toxins can lead to brain degradation.  Or at least that is the common thought.
Basically, if you eat only complex carbs and super sugary foods, your body starts producing toxins. And, these toxins lead to inflammation, which always causes problems in the body. In fact, inflammation in the body causes everything from wrinkles to depression. So, when you overeat these foods, you can inflame your brain and actually cause it to start building up plaques. And, these plaques are what form when you get Alzheimer’s, so that would be the beginning of it. In addition to that, these plaques block nerve messages from getting to each other, so your cognitive processes decline.

The study of how the diet affects Alzheimer’s is still very much in it’s infancy, so be sure to take everything here with a grain of salt.  That said, there are studies you can read to learn more.

What Are Some Foods That Lead To Alzheimer’s?

Unfortunately, much of society’s diet completely relies on the foods that hurt your brain over time. For example, the majority of society consumes a lot of bread, pasta, and processed meat and cheeses. Then, they also consume a lot of foods that are high in artificial sugar and ingredients. Even worse, everywhere we turn in this world, there’s a fast food place beckoning us. And, one of the main reasons these foods cause impaired cognitive function is because they spike blood sugar. And, any spike in blood sugar leads to inflammation in the body.
Here’s a list of different foods that cause the brain’s functions to decline.

  • Processed Meat: Unfortunately, many meats like bacon, deli counter ham and turkey, and sausage all contain nitrosamines. And, these cause the liver to produce fat that’s actually toxic to your brain.
  • Processed Cheese: This category includes any American cheese, cheese from a can, and even Laughing Cow cheese. These cheeses are so processed, they contain a protein that builds up in the body and becomes toxic.
  • Beer: The majority of beer contains nitrates, which have a direct link to Alzheimer’s.
  • White Foods: As weird as it sounds, pretty much any white foods are harmful to your brain. For example, white pasta, cake, sugar, rice, and bread all cause a huge spike in blood sugar. That leads to inflammation and toxins sent to your brain.
  • Microwave Popcorn: The chemicals inside the bag contain something called diacetyl. And, this chemical is linked to increased plaques in the brain.

What Are Foods That Boost Memory?

Now, to offset the consumption of all the food above, you need to eat a balanced diet full of things that help your brain function better. For example, leafy green vegetables, salmon, cold water fish, berries, dark skinned fruits, chocolate, and extra virgin olive oil all have been linked to helping the brain function better. And, the good fats in salmon and olive oil can actually protect your brain from degradation. So, if you eat a balanced diet and keep your health in mind, you can keep your brain healthy for years to come.  Looking for supplements that can help with Alzheimer’s?  Our article is a good source of info for those of you who are curious.
But, we must stress this, there is no way to truly avoid Alzheimer’s. These are just foods that can increase and decrease your risk over time. So, it may be helpful to eliminate these foods from your diet as you get older, as well.

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