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Nootropics are one of the trendiest and fastest growing categories in the supplement world. But they have a dirty little secret. While some cognitive enhancement formulas serve concrete functions and actually aid your mental capacity, others do essentially nothing. They are placebos. And truthfully, placebos can sometimes prove effective in this regard. When it comes to the body, and especially the brain, sometimes believing you’re getting benefit is enough to actually gain some of the intended benefit. But no one really wants to pay a premium price for a product that simply tricks them into believing it works, do they? As we look at the Qualia supplement, which is quickly becoming one of the cornerstone brands in nootropics, where does it line up along the spectrum of placebo versus proven property?

Different nootropic blends aim for different specific effects. Sometimes, it’s about using herbal ingredients to reduce stress and anxiety. Other times, it’s about sharpening memory for snappier recall. But most often, it’s simply a matter of boosting mental energy and focus. This is an area where so many of us struggle. If you are ever struck by brain fog, or find it frequently difficult to concentrate and remain consistently productive, then you stand to benefit from a quality natural focus formula. This is the core basis of the Qualia supplement intends to do. And while there may be some questions lurking around its true impact, believe us when we say this is no placebo pill.

What Makes the Qualia Supplement Different?

Formulated by a company called Neurohacker Collective, Qualia is described by its creators as a “comprehensive hardware upgrade radical comprehensive enhancement.” Fancy wordplay, to be sure, but the product doesn’t solely rely on glitzy promotions. The ingredient blend is substantial, with high doses of some key components that have significant scientific backing. Sure, there are the standard staples. Vitamin B12 is a name you’ll find on most energy blend labels, and there’s the typical stimulating caffeine kick. But the Qualia supplement formula also includes some less common ingredients, like centrophenoxine and pterostilbene.

The idea behind Qualia supplement benefits is that it will deliver a faster and longer-lasting mental boost in comparison with other nootropic blends. And on the basis of its ingredient composition, it certainly has the ability to do so. With a number of innovative additions along with tried-and-true nootropic powerhouses like L-theanine, rhodiola rosea root extract and more, there’s a comprehensive approach to brain boosting at play here. This is the kind of product that encompasses the true purpose of nootropic pills. Does that mean it will work for everyone? No. The nature of brain supplements is that they vary quite a bit in case-to-case efficacy. But it’s a blend worth trying if you want to get a real idea of what these products can do.

How Much Does the Qualia Supplement Cost?

Well, here’s a hold-up in the eyes of many. Because the Qualia supplement blend is premium and includes a number of expensive ingredients, it isn’t cheap. A single order (containing two bottles — positioned as Step 1 and Step 2) will run about $150. They also have a subscription program that ships you two bottles per month and save about $20. Understandably, many people don’t have the money laying around for such an investment. It is worth noting that the company offers a 100 percent satisfaction money-back guarantee. If you’re new to nootropic supplements and want to get your feet wet, you might consider going with a less expensive and less premium blend. But for the individual seeking a powerful formula with top ingredients, this one merits a look.

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